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HERE: Jon, Patrick, Zack, Serge, Becca, Jenny, Abby, Megan, Leandro, Margaret, Justin, Deepali, Adam

MISSING: Jessie (tanning)

ROSES: love and basketball, living across the street, expectations, house, drive up to PVD with mom, being in The Visit, Providence and Jane Austen, Germany was awesome, The Visit is fun and porch, house and roommates and baklava, Providence, nice dinners with friends, best summer ever

THORNS: time and space, living across the street, crowns, no scb in cogsci, short shower, parents on Facebook, many manifestations of speaking issues and soundproofing, didn't build anything last week, motion sickness, caring for friend's sick boyfriend until 4, far away house, sister negotiations, summer is ending and September is here


  1. it happened, it was good
  2. Zack and Leandro got paid and there were no disasters
    • except Marc Cohen broke a bunch of our props


  1. everyone is here and moved in
  2. Adam and Becca are the bozos
  3. they wanted to paint a bell
    • Adam said they could
  4. Meredith has a kidney infection and has been on bedrest for 2 days
    • feel better Meredith
    • rehearsals have been going on
  5. Megan's design is done
    • she hasn't started building it yet
    • she needs a TD, or just at any given time one more person there with her
    • this is mainly evenings, all board hands on board!
  6. let's get David Brown to the next meeting
    • he's in touch with Abby and she'll tell him about next week
  7. first design run/production meeting is Tuesday at 6
    • we should try and go to the run
    • bozos should go to PM
  8. shows are Friday, lateish Saturday, two on Sunday, and Monday
  9. let's figure out the deal with the poster design


  1. Megan is figuring stuff out with Diane
  2. will talk to Sam French tomorrow morning


  1. Jenny and Jon will bozo
  2. we need a stage manager ASAP
    • classes start on Wednesday and there's a stage management course
    • still, everybody ask everybody you know
  3. Abby and Deepali will figure out auditions


  1. Justin sent an email to Upspace recipients
    • one application so far
    • Serge, Justin, and Zack will be the selection committee
    • Justin will email Megan who received money and how much for financial purposes
  2. check cleared, we have 365 dollars


  1. we got money from last year, we think
    • there are two deposits of $1000, Megan will check with Diane what those are


  1. there is a rehearsal?
  2. orientation is Wednesday from 7-9
    • The Visit people have to leave at 8
    • we should try and go earlier
  3. we generally do a fun thing or skit
    • let's meet at 5 on Wednesday in the box office
  4. we'll print out a handout
    • it'll have location, audition dates
    • we should have a PW brunch, Abby will figure out the times TONIGHT


  1. Jenny and Justin are point people
    • it's on the 8th, setup at 6
    • 6-8: Justin, Jenny, Megan, Adam
    • 8-10: Abby, Deepali, Serge, Becca
    • fooling around: Jon, Patrick
  2. Deepali will take care of list stuff
  3. Visit people will be in and out
  4. Justin is the candyman
  5. let's meet at PW at 5:45


  1. let's set submission dates next week


  1. we have our first three slots
  2. we should check if we have set a date for next submissions
  3. Zack and Serge will figure out when to do contracts


  1. we need to defrost the box office freezer
  2. we should get MF to paint the things they're supposed to paint
    • Abby, talk to them! Love, Deepali
  3. EHS is implementing a lot of measure
    • locking down machines, requiring training, etc.
    • there will most likely be consequences for us, we don't know what they are
    • safety people GET TRAINED
  4. fruit flies in the downspace
    • we should sweep and mop the floor, and remind Helen to do so
    • Megan will figure out a time, we will help her
    • let's stop having people eat in the Downspace for a few days and see if it helps, bozos will communicate that to the show


  1. Leandro
    • PO for cord for lightboard
    • Aly is not our contact person at the SAO anymore
    • they are hiring somebody new, let's make friends
  2. Megan
    • was looking at MyGroups—our budget is $5600 but they have only awarded us $3600
    • we will check up on that
    • Jon will make a list of lights stuff we need and send it to Megan by Tuesday because she is buying spike tape
    • Adam will spearhead an email/GoogleDoc about stuff to buy
    • still 1001 stuff in the shop, Becca and Megan will take it back
    • Megan is buying a 3rd, intermediate level of scaffolding
    • we will paint the downspace wall next Sunday after the meeting
  3. Abby
    • website. Abby will have a face to face with Fiona
    • projector—Serge/Adam will ask Sam Kusnetz about a good projector to buy
    • donating a couch to PW
  4. Jenny
    • she and Megan will meet next weekend about signatory stuff
  5. Becca
    • is going to buy stuff for first aid
  6. Adam
    • has major thoughts about the role of TD and wants to talk about it before the next round of proposals
  7. Patrick
    • relationship with Starla and upspace free-days?
    • we're altering the upspace app process to lessen dark nights
    • we will think about having groups perform on free nights, and deal with exactly how that works when it happens
  8. Jon
    • wizards should get going for incoming freshmen
    • maybe have something in early October
    • let's definitely put something in the email about the tech listserv
    • let's put the first light hang/build time on the information slip—email Adam dates
    • let's set Visions at the next meeting
  9. Deepali
    • we should talk to CIS, or ask Paul whether we should
    • let's see whether the alumni listserv is going
    • let's wait on this week's email until Friday
    • in terms of immediate TD finding, let's Facebook that shit
  10. Justin
    • next bakeoff due end of September
    • potential idea: 9/11 plays
    • ingredients: mirror, puppets, donut, tent, mother daughter relationships, a surprise party, the sewers, a man with a flyswatter, a bell, “I've got bigger fish to fry”, “make me a mimosa”, a pack of dogs, a letter read out loud
    • we'll put all of them in the email and have them choose 5

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday 9/11 at 11 AM

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