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HERE: Ursula (visiting), Deepali, Justin, Becca, Jenny, Megan, Leandro, Serge, Zack, Jon, Alex (visiting), Abby

MISSING: Adam (laying a gentleman's egg), Jessie (important sambadancing meeting w/ Pres. Dilma Rousseff), Patrick

ROSES: giant bumping guns in the air heart beat fuvela music party, upcoming week first one won't have to be at pw from 7-11, halloweek, Leandro changing lives via text, first time visiting a pw meeting, retro donuts, friends and stuff, Danish friend allowing the speaking of Danish, the slush, dinosaurs and spending time with Abby and Keegan and Jared also snow, waking up and seeing snow, last night, pirates pirates pirates,

THORNS: not here, not knowing the rules of the game, swelling thigh, conviction that life is a TV show reignited, sunday way too busy for a sunday, midterm and snow, feeling bad about avoiding my family but avoiding them anyway, snow causing the missing of Denmark, fucked up glasses, bunnies, little brother, work and not knowing the rules of the game, papers papers papers


  1. auditions sunday and monday
    • Abby, Zack, and Leandro will monitor today, Justin tomorrow
    • auditions are in the Underground
  2. we need an LD
    • Skylar is interested but needs a mentor
    • we should check with him
    • Jon could mentor him
  3. we should announce auditions in the HM speech


  1. Abby will be the bozo
  2. Leandro may need a set designer
    • depends on if Eliza can get somebody to take her market share job
  3. needs assistants for everything and a costume designer
    • Deepali will put it in the email
    • TD needed also


  1. Alina Kung is looking for a lighting designer/lights help
    • she's in here this week
    • Jon will be in the building so she can ask him stuff
  2. Alp wants to know if the upspace is free for Eurydice rehearsal before they're in the downspace
    • once they're in the space, they can contact upspace people about unused time
    • Becca will talk to upspace people also about storing things in the elbow set-wise


  1. Abby and Cheno are in emails together
  2. Cheno will send us an email about relevant things tomorrow
    • will be at meeting next week
  3. Margaret, did you give Cheno the key?
  4. Becca will show Gracie around the shop, etc


  1. next upspace lottery will be the end of the semester
    • we will push for it


  1. Margaret is in contact with The Benefactor
    • is putting together an email with pictures, etc
    • and asking It for more money
    • Abby will send her the special template
  2. Faustus won't spend its New Works money if it gets enough funding from CAC


  1. strike is tomorrow at 9:30
    • Leandro in space
    • Justin chairs and furniture
    • Jenny props
    • Jon space for lights
    • Megan running it
    • Abby paint delegation
  2. Jon will do photocall at 6:30


  1. Leandro will buddy Ursula
  2. schmooze this Wednesday from 10:30-midnight!!
    • Deepali will get wine
    • Serge pizza
    • Abby will get cups
    • Megan will email applicants
    • set up at 10
  3. Abby will change the name of the facebook event
  4. decision meeting on the 12th
    • reservation will start at 9


  1. water fountain is leaking
  2. fridge.
  3. Abby wants the server updated by the end of the semester, will know more about cost stuff soon after talking to Andrew
  4. Leandro thinks that the mysterious costume room smell is from the water pipes that are supposed to be for the washing machine because they get gross sometimes


  1. met with Tim and Steven
  2. we're going to send a thing to UFB saying what we need and how much money we need
    • they won't give us all of it so we'll put it in the budget request for next year
    • overall, we need about $4000
  3. we'll get a table saw soon, probably not the other stuff until next year
  4. we are getting a fiberglass platform ladder as a present!
  5. we have everything we need to make scaffolding awesome!

INTERJECTION: Google my pipes smell! -Megan


  1. Becca
    • wants to buy speedrail
    • should we get a bandsaw?
  2. Justin
    • it's bakeoff time again
    • let's put a poster up in litarts and lyman
    • ingredients: a teakettle boiling at a suspenseful moment, my pipes smell, the act of peeling, go down to Occupy Providence for an hour and take notes, a mustache as a plot device, Santa Claus, cold feet, a neverending rope, higher order variables, something unexpected, “Wait—are you wearing my underwear?”, donuts
    • theme: winter
    • house managers mention it for 3c2c
  3. Alex
    • Faustus recording?
    • Abby and Deepali will talk about it
  4. Zack
    • devised is spelled wrong on the front page
    • Jon is doing an awesome job on the front page, now he will check spelling too!
    • Zack and Abby will switch monitoring times
  5. Abby
    • website talks with Fiona
    • server happening
    • fundraising—Abby and Zack will spearhead it
  6. Jon
    • website website
  7. Megan
    • idea for wizards, will talk to the wizard people

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, November 4 at 11 AM

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