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HERE: Deepali, Margaret, Patrick, Jon, Jenny, Megan, Leandro, Justin, Becca, Erica (Faustus), Zack, Serge, Conor (visiting), Alexa (visiting), Celeste (visiting)

MISSING: Jessie (antagonizing Argentina), Adam (bombing the oval office)

ROSES: Faustus, Faustus, PW, gonna get through it, friend came to visit, Faustus, Faustus and tea and happy place, me, no hard drive replacement, Eurydice, everything about last night, last night and Faustus, proud as a board member watching Faustus, favorite soccer team won this morning, conversations with Margaret Ari Leandro and Sam Barasch last night, got to see Faustus last night,

THORNS: strike, strike, no thorn, this week, bunch of midterms coming up, not doing theatre for an unspecified amount of time, hating bitches, pride, no excuse for better notes now, no donuts, raging hangover, catching up on work, didn't come to dance party last night, hastily agreed to play in cover band, computer broke and it's expensive to repair, sad to take the set down, French class


  1. Erica has a comprehensive budget breakdown
    • we are a little over budget, but we spent a little less than we anticipated spending
    • will find out about CAC by end of October
  2. lumber dude is being annoying about P.O.'s
    • Megan will email Diane to ask if it has gone through yet
    • 02659 is the P.O. Number!
  3. strike jobs!
    • strike is at 9
    • Margaret and Leandro are picking up paint after this
    • will grab some paint and rollers from the paint shoppe
    • PW will pay for half
  4. Megan will run strike, Adam maybe wants to run it with her
    • Megan will ask him
  5. rooms
    • Jon electrics
    • Jenny props
    • Serge electrics in the space
    • Becca in the space taking apart set
    • Leandro general aroundness
  6. we should put all the seating plats in the corner of the space
  7. painting tomorrow at 10 AM


  1. setting everything up starting at 6:30 tomorrow
  2. Serge or Leandro will help Gillian do a light plot
  3. production meeting was had on Friday
    • everybody has had rehearsal!
    • everybody is aware they have to be at strike, Leandro will remind directors to tell their casts
  4. HMs
    • F8 Zack, Serge
    • S8 Justin, Becca
    • S10 Jon, Leandro
    • Su8 Jenny, Deepali
    • M8 Patrick, Leandro/Abby


  1. ABBY, remind Cheno to start coming to our meetings
  2. Tim is signing up Gracie for training, the TD should email him when they exist
  3. should we have a bozo type person for when they're in our space?
    • we should ask them if they want that
    • Leandro will talk to Ben about it
    • Jenny will do it if they say yes


  1. Margaret sent an email out to her team
    • they will try to have a meeting today
  2. poster design for auditions is in the works
  3. asked stage manager to reserve rooms
    • facebook event for auditions coming soon
  4. looking for assistant stage manager, designers
    • Deepali will put it in the email
  5. Margaret is also looking for an AD
  6. meeting with ASL translator today to finish up videos
  7. auditions will be a week from Sunday
    • Margaret will email Deepali the exact times to put in the email
  8. Leandro will be the bozo


  1. our schmooze is a week from Wednesday
  2. apps due on the 12th
  3. Deepali will make a Facebook event
  4. Megan and Deepali will do wine and pizza


  1. Max hasn't emailed Margaret, she will email the Benefactor
  2. Margaret will gather media from the stuff we have funded


  1. contract signings Tuesday night
    • Zack will send out an email
  2. contract is kind of outdated, Serge will update it
  3. Ben still has his upspace key
    • Zack will get it from him
  4. we also need to get Ria's key from 1001 if we don't have it already


  1. Safety meeting at 5 on Tuesday
  2. water fountain downstairs is dripping from below
  3. the front door is fixed!
  4. fridge in the box office!


  1. Becca
    • two wooden stools need to go back to Trinity
    • Justin will help her at 3 on Wednesday
    • will ask McGarty for the van
  2. Zack
    • when is visions
  3. Jenny
    • is confused about signatory
    • will talk to Megan
  4. Jon
    • stuff for the home page before Tuesday
  5. Patrick
    • won't be able to make the next two weekly meetings
  6. Deepali
    • listserv list will be made
    • we should make a Brown listserv and only use it in emergen-C's

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, October 30 at 11 AM

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