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HERE: Zack, Megan, Becca, Erica (Faustus), Margaret, Leandro, Patrick, Jon, Deepali, Alexa (visiting)

MISSING: Jessie (getting some 'work' done), Adam (cracking off a couple of bricks), Justin, Abby, Serge, Jenny

ROSES: fun weird night last night, improvafamily, room becoming more habitable, Faustus, seeing parents this weekend, got week's work done this weekend, Sarah Ruhl, home-cooked food from mom and Sam Barasch, the music, finally had a day off, nostalgia,

THORNS: tears, lack of sleep, that it took so long to get to this point, confused about everything in life, polisci draft due tomorrow morning, except the essay due tomorrow, overthinking, still being a student, the pages, people talking during his shit, nostalgia,


  1. Sean sent a draft of the poster
    • should be printed by end of today or tomorrow
  2. Indy is putting the show in the list
  3. BDH is coming on Wednesday
  4. we're on morning mail and weird Ratty tv
  5. have spent about $1350 dollars
    • we have about $1150 not including CAC money
  6. Nara wants to get subwoofer for free from MEME
    • may have to rent for $180
  7. tech went super late last night, those who did it are beasts and we love you, you beasties
    • hopefully wet tech will run smoother
  8. we got the ion from Greg!
  9. HM times
    • F8 Megan, Jon
    • F11 Leandro, Patrick
    • S8 Justin, Margaret
    • S11 Zack, Deepali
    • Su8 Becca, Serge
  10. stools from Gross Indecency
    • can we use them?
  11. strike is next Sunday, prepare to be here on Monday night as well


  1. rights are good for Eurydice
  2. Justin will buddy Zach Rufa
  3. Megan will buddy Ari
  4. peeps should leave a hard copy in the box office
  5. meet with yo buddies!


  1. they are rehearsing
  2. production meeting will happen this week
  3. Monday will take a fair amount of time
  4. peeps will take a good look at Serge's lights to see exactly what we have to do
  5. Jon will make a poster
    • board responsibility to put them up


  1. start publicizing, but don't really push until Thursday
  2. Justin will buddy Madeleine
  3. Deepali will make a Facebook event for the schmooze
  4. Megan will check the wiki page and make it nice


  1. they have to do contract signings
  2. nothing ended up happening this week
  3. let's check in on the next few groups that have the upspace
  4. Megan wants to do some lighting photography stuff in here this week, she'll check with Faustus
  5. bakeoff readings Wednesday at 8
  6. Lady Windermere wants to use it sometime this week, Abby will decide


  1. Margaret emailed Max, he hasn't responded but she'll be persistent
  2. awarded Phoebe Nir's staged reading $100
  3. Faustus received $200


  1. Nobody applied
  2. should we extend the deadline or do something else with it
    • we'll let it roll over into next semester


  1. the front door is okay


  1. Becca
    • two weeks from now she is getting trained yay
    • Adam is taking them too
    • Tim emailed saying that the cabinet model (which we don't really need) would be $2300 and the dust collection system would be $450
    • we think they should pay for the difference between the regular and cabinet model because we don't feel that we need the cabinet model
    • dust collection system could be used for all of our saws
    • EHS will buy us a platform ladder
    • he doesn't like our scaffolding
    • we should meet and figure out how much money we're willing to spend, meet with them and tell them that
    • safety subcommittee should be formed
  2. Jon
    • always send him front page updates by Tuesday
  3. Alexa
    • is a theatre noob, transfer from Northwestern
    • Deepali will add her to tech listserv
  4. Justin
    • make it to the bakeoff
    • Wednesday at 8

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday 10/23 at 11 am

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