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HERE: Serge, Margaret, Leandro, Zoey (visiting), Becca, Abby, Patrick, Deepali, Adam, Zack, Jon

MISSING: Jessie (rolling down Iguazu Falls in a barrel), Justin, Jenny, Megan

ROSES: silliness and making it up on the spot, bank robbers, hostages, talked to new people, coming to Brown and seeing Becca, Zoey and Faustus songs stuck in head, boys and Faustus, games, having my dog here, super secret u.p. and fucking strike of Gross today, Rufus Gupta, new toys and new friends,

THORNS: deep thoughts, undoing, boys, imminently figuring out semester without context of play, 8 hour bus ride back, boys, Faustus everywhere, withholding, senior seminar, stupid boys, going downhill, sort of the email sent yesterday but more the hand wound that Becca inflicted, that they're not the same thing

INTERJECTION: “Kinkayyyy. Kinky kinky.” -Zack


  1. where's Erica? She said she was coming but is not here
  2. Abby submitted CAC, has to proofread New Works
    • will submit that today
  3. Erica has emailed some dept. heads
  4. has done all the publicity stuff
  5. poster design
    • Abby emailed the girl who did the Bitches poster
    • if she doesn't get back by Monday, Abby will find someone else
  6. Serge borrowed LEDs from the CAC
    • Greg wanted to make it clear that this is not a precedent setting thing
    • after winter almost all the LEDs will be incorporated into a rep plot for the CAC
  7. also, props from The Visit are in electrics, they need to go somewhere else
    • Megan, you need to get this stuff back to Trinity! Love, pw
  8. it is all very overwhelming but it will be great


  1. supposed to have a production meeting on Friday
    • almost everybody forgot
    • will have one this week
  2. we have designers, etc
    • Faustus has no Monday show, two eleven o clocks instead
    • strike will be on Sunday, Megan and Leandro will plan it
  3. we will orient like last year—less duv to hang!


  1. Becca will be Margaret's board buddy
  2. Jon will be Leandro's board buddy
    • proposing Sam Barasch-written play
  3. people will go to classes, remember to go to the classes you're going to
  4. let's talk it up in our social lives
    • Serge will make a facebook event


  1. start talking it up, apps are due Nov. 9th and 12th is the decision meeting
  2. let's put it on the front page that we're looking for new mems
  3. Deepali will make a facebook event sometime soon


  1. Phoebe Nir submitted for something that will happen
    • we will look over it in a few days, Margaret will email the committee
  2. Margaret will email Max about dealing with the Benefactor


  1. Super Secret Upspace Project was Great
  2. Brown Storytellers dropped out
    • they can't do a show
    • we will get somebody else in that slot
    • JENNY: would Improvidence want to do a show that week?
  3. Zack and Serge have to do contract signings


  1. handle to Upspace booth fell off
    • Leandro will put in a service request for that
  2. the broken red chair that usually lives in the Upspace?
    • let's toss it at Faustus strike
  3. the fridge in the box office. It is so gross.


  1. Becca
    • Tim Reilly emailed her back with the sign up sheet for training
    • did not respond to getting stuff part of email, Becca will phrase it differently
  2. Abby
    • Mailman issue—has emailed Fiona, nothing has come of it yet
    • feels bad stopping by SunLab
    • Serge and Deepali will look at it
  3. Patrick
    • we should check in with Upspace people, support them more
    • Zack will email them to see how they're doing
    • let's try and get scripts on the proposals wiki page
    • bakeoff should be in the upspace some night. JUSTIN: When?
  4. Deepali
    • don't throw away Meredith's card with a whale on it
  5. Jon
    • can't access pages on the wiki
    • can we ask the University to activate Jon's brown address because of PW?
    • Leandro will ask the SAO
    • if you want something on the front page, send Jon BLURBS
  6. Serge
    • don't eat food in the box office
  7. Margaret
    • will update the next at pw posters
    • Jenny: will you keep the safe organized?
  8. Leandro
    • thinks something is dead in the wall of the costume room
    • is there actually anything we can do about this?

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday 10/16 at 11 am

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