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HERE: Jenny, Becca, Margaret, Serge, Megan, Patrick, Adam, Deepali, Justin, Leandro, Zack, Jon, Erica (Faustus), Abby, Adam (visiting)

MISSING: Jessie (samba-dancing)

ROSES: Justin and his donuts and the improvababies and his socks match, feeling groovy, things working out the way you wanted them to, people seem to be liking Gross Indecency which is nice, bff roommate, nice little donuts, the perspective that pain brings, great time at Mirabar, rock band is fun, ordered a tablet online, caught up on sleep, feeling really good about everything in life, lots of positive energy and big gay musical, the princess bride, metaphors

THORNS: crossfading, the end of an era of a no drama household, classes this semester, worried about a friend, big toe got slammed into a door, nasty little hangover, pain, Gross Indecency, tin foil cut, busted weekend and paper, getting sick, quiet before the storm, hitting the exhaustion point, felt bad about self this week, similes


  1. working on getting as much money as possible
    • working on NWG, needs to finalize designers' budgets
    • talking to David about how he got money
    • going to apply for CAC
  2. production meeting tomorrow at 11 in the space
  3. look at how much of the set is there already! Cool
  4. Abby will confirm showtimes for Adam soon


  1. we didn't get enough director applications
    • we need 2 more directors
  2. we will try and rustle some up
  3. Margaret could direct even though she's not there the weekend of the performances
  4. Leandro will ask for the spelling bee cast list
  5. They only gave Megan one room each night
    • Leandro will call them first thing tomorrow morning
  6. we should put up posters for auditions
    • Megan will print some and leave them in the box office
  7. audition times—once we find all of our directors Leandro will email them and set up times
    • we'll set up monitoring via email
  8. we need one more stage manager


  1. we should start pushing this bigger in email, etc.


  1. we'll wait until after proposals to start pushing this
  2. schmooze will be Wednesday November 2nd at 11pm


  1. Justin will send new upspacees an email
  2. new policy: receipts due 2 weeks after the show closes
  3. we should check whether money would be fair game after that
  4. app deadline for next round will be Friday


  1. should we be in contact with the Benefactor about next semester?
    • last contact was for this semester with Max
    • we will update It maybe after Faustus?
  2. keep it in the email
    • Deepali will put it higher up


  1. Rufa will bring scrim, pipe down sometime soon
  2. Serge needs to get a key back from Rufa
  3. four new shows
  4. Serge will put what's happening on what week in the calendar
  5. monitors for Leandro and Margaret
    • 1-2: Jenny
    • 2-3: Abby
    • 3-4: Megan
    • 7-8: Serge
    • 8-9: Becca
    • 9-10: Patrick


  1. MF painted the upspace
    • thanks!
  2. issue with propping the door
    • Adam will email the Lieutenant to explain the situation and ask if he can be the “manager” of the “building”
    • Shelly from the SAO could contact them also and give them a list of board member names
    • for now, we can't prop the door


  1. Jon
    • Brown email got stripped randomly
    • Deepali will add his RISD email to the board list
  2. Serge
    • let's make house managing emails on one thread
  3. Justin
    • wants to do bakeoff readings in the upspace sometime between 10th-15th
    • will contact Brown Storytellers who have that week
    • Megan will send Justin a link re: Open Jar financials
  4. Adam
    • is looking for a collaborator, will email Deepali with a blurb for the email
  5. Abby
    • can't figure out how to use the new website thing
    • Serge and Abby and Jon will meet again
    • talked to Fiona this week, she's finishing installing software
    • our new site will be running parallel to the old site
  6. Becca
    • EHS still hasn't gotten back to us
    • she's going to keep emailing them and then start calling them
    • we want a new tablesaw!

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday 10/9 at 11 AM

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