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HERE: Deepali, Patrick, Jenny, Ursula, Becca, Jenny, Abby, Conor, Serge, Leandro, Jon, Margaret, Alex, Megan, Justin

MISSING: Jessie (face lift), Adam (clearing the hallways), Zack

ROSES: making up after fight with mom, Eurydice (but don't tell them[but they're here]), love, We Can Rebuild Him auditions, going to Alabama for Thanksgiving, don't have a lot of thorns, sex exercise and theatre, awesome Broadway PSM in stage management class and potential cool job at The Public this summer, those socks, second Thanksgiving ever, coffee maker, most excited to come back to school ever, found wallet with department purchasing card after looking for it for 2 hours

THORNS:paper due tomorrow and haven't started, sickness that will not go away, no thorns, not being able to figure out if happy or sad, next two weeks are going to be awful, don't have many roses, wanting more of all of those things and anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line, Improvidence drama

INTERJECTION: But don't you guys do comedyyyyy???!!! -Deepali

THORNS, CONT.: having the same thorn for weeks and it's not getting better, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, outline for tomorrow, vacation alone time turned into breakup sad time, this week


  1. we messed up and didn't tell Alp about the meeting
    • sorry Alp
  2. got $100 from classics
    • budget now $800
  3. Erik is popping in on Thursday for final design run
    • it's at 8 o clock
    • show is running exactly 90 minutes, sexy
  4. fantastic beautiful rosy Becca Balton found water pump and tricycle
    • we are so proud
    • this means that the extra money will go towards show stuff
  5. light hang is going on right now
  6. Margaret needs to check in with designers, especially costume and sound
    • Margaret will tell the sound designer to email Leandro if she wants help with hanging speakers
    • Jon and James were corresponding about his plot, it'll be fine
  7. Leandro will help facilitate tech when he's not at Trigger Hand auditions
    • Margaret will get him a copy of the script
  8. Becca needs help transporting tricycle and plexi-glass
    • she'll send an email when she knows more specifically what time she's going
  9. Margaret is figuring out interpreter stuff
    • Abby recommends advertising to deaf community
    • Margaret knows, will wait until she finds out from interpreter
  10. teaser poster coming out this week


  1. needs a props designer, asst. costume and sound
    • Deepali will put it in the email
  2. auditions are this coming weekend
    • times are the same as last week
    • everything is set re: teaser posters, etc


  1. Helen Diagama is the PM
  2. Jenny emailed Ari but he hasn't gotten back to her
    • she will talk to him soon about designers
    • put a call for assistant designers in the email
  3. production meeting with whatever team exists will happen next week
  4. Ari contacted Zach Alterman about sound
  5. planning on auditioning first week of next semester


  1. dates for the upspace lottery are up on the website
    • Serge wants us to look at the gcal to see if there should be 3 or 4 weeks in the second half of the semester and to generally check if it seems fine
  2. Alex has her keys, showtimes to monitor
    • F8 Serge
    • S8 Megan
  3. they might build a set?
    • Becca is making a sign for the shop
  4. we should push for upspace lottery submissions
    • we have gotten 3 so far


  1. Leandro will call tomorrow about the lights in the upspace
  2. upspace booth door is fixed
  3. we can't really do a work day but maybe we'll do two next semester
  4. MF needs to do something about fixing the duv they messed up


  1. we haven't gotten a quote yet on the electrical
  2. Megan has to approach UFB tomorrow
    • we don't know what time, or how much
    • Tim Reilly sucks
    • if we don't get an estimate, Megan will request $1500 as per McGarty's request
    • if you can be there, be there.


  1. still waiting to hear back from The Benefactor
    • Margaret will wait until Wednesday and then email Anushka
  2. got Faustus pictures, waiting for Brownbrokers pictures


  1. before Serge sends out the email to people who have won the lottery, he will let Justin know so justin can send him a blurb
  2. Justin will check in about money for next semester
    • we have a lot leftover from last semester
    • Justin will tell them that
  3. Justin will start hounding Adam Asher about receipts


  1. Abby
    • has been talking to MF about lazer tag
    • the best they can do is Tuesday the 13th at 7 pm
    • Justin and Deepali and Sam can't make it
    • Adam, can you come?
    • Abby will schedule it tomorrow, it'll probably be $16 a person
    • everybody recruit cars
    • Fiona is in major radio silence, Ursula will mad confront her
    • Alex is still in the web loop, Serge and Alex will do stuff after the safety thing
    • Inish pictures must be developed
  2. Megan
    • use P.O.'s
    • if you haven't been reimbursed, email Megan
  3. Conor
    • waiting on the SAO about new keys
    • Leandro already asked for them
    • maybe we should make copies anyway
  4. Serge
    • can we do a draft to the board and then a half hour window
    • yes but Deepali is going to be strict about that window
  5. Patrick
    • interested in fewer dark nights in the upspace
    • more things like Zack and Lily should happen
    • this happened Sunday night which is usually dark

REMINDER: Sam and Zack, your Secret Santa envelopes are in the box office

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, December 4th at 11 AM

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