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HERE: Deepali, Ursula (!), Margaret, Conor (!), Becca, Alex (!), Megan, Leandro, Alp (Eurydice), Abby, Jon,

MISSING: Jessie (getting her anus bleached), Adam (dropping the kids off at the pool), Justin, Patrick, Jenny

ROSES: minimusical festival happened and it was fun and Lowry sat through it, minimusicals were fun and great drunk four days and thanksgiving soon, got into law school this morning (doooook), and I broke the window behind my bed, being here, mixed media, being here at first meeting, us against them, loving Becca Balton and being happy to be here and great roommate bonding night, feeling generally happier and being surprised by it, gift of a bowl from Miles and Alex, having a heart, cider and donuts

THORNS: missing family and friends at home, three days, another article in the nyt today about how law school is a waste of time and money, window behind my bed is broken, not good at figuring out money stuff, mixed messages, not knowing when and how much eating will go on today, feeling sad and disposable, incredibly ill-prepared for today, straying the path, not knowing, no voice, sleep schedule totally fucked and weird ear thing


  1. design run the other day, another one today
  2. Alp feels like people are on top of their shit
    • might be in butt-kicking mode after Thanksgiving
  3. Center for Language gave them $100
    • Alp wants to go get more money more places
  4. Becca needs help carrying her wood order after this
    • Alex will help
    • she'll have the rest of the deck done before Thanksgiving!
  5. everybody be on the lookout for a tricycle that Gordon could fit on


  1. PM is in Brazil for some stupid reason
  2. audition dates are 4th, 5th, and 6th
    • in Wilson, Deepali will put it in the email and link to facebook
    • they can email Megan for a script
  3. confirmed costume designer
  4. still waiting on confirmation from sound and props
  5. Leandro got a rewrite, will send it along
    • Sam is allowed to rewrite until first rehearsal
    • he'll see what it sounds like, is inclined not to rewrite


  1. we need a bozo for this
    • Justin? Patrick? Jessie? Adam?
  2. Jenny, can you check in with Ari and see how he's doing in the meantime?


  1. Adam needs to strike the set
  2. Serge needs to get his key back
  3. Serge is letting people in for Story of My Life later tonight
  4. Us Against Them was really fun, great job!


  1. they have given out the full $1000 for this semester
    • Margaret is waiting to hear back from the Benefactor
    • Thon usually gets back to her within two weeks
    • Thon travels a lot so Margaret will get in touch with Anushka, thon's assistant


  1. there are still lights out in the upspace
  2. breaker in the shop has tripped so much


  1. Tim and an electrical dude came and looked around
    • they will get back to us with a quote
    • once we know how much we can send our final proposal to UFB
    • it's $400/500 before the electrical
  2. Stephanie wants to do that training
    • Becca will suggest Tuesday the 29th at 5


  1. Zack
    • that email, Deepali will send it
  2. Jon
    • Christmas party!
    • Thursday evening, the 15th?
    • we will do Secret Santa next week
  3. Abby
    • MF messed up a bunch of rollers and stuff
    • they need to buy us things, they know that
    • six pack of rollers, four brushes, $70 (paint)
    • there's money in the safe that might be from MF, we should check on that
    • Abby mentioned to them that we're going to have to pick dates for lazer tag
    • Possible dates: 13th? 14th Ursula can't do it, 11th during the day?
    • locations: there's that shitty place in Attleboro, or LazerGate in Fall River but they have weird scheduled challenges, etc.
    • Abby will call about it
    • Zack and Margaret will send the declaration of war
    • SEPARATE TOPIC: we should contact our alums more
    • Megan and Zack will come up with an email by the 4th
    • website: Fiona is totally MIA
    • Serge will teach Alex how to update the website, he accepts this mandate
    • recently, people have not been responding to emails regarding monitors, etc
    • radio silence—let's be better about it
    • let's talk about the Upspace contract in visions
    • which is the 10th of December at 10 AM at 208 Power
  4. Deepali
    • next week's meeting: Monday at 11 pm
    • let's do the list, everybody remember the letters you're assigned
    • Deepali will email out the mailman link and make a Google Doc
    • jobs stuff at visions, new mems think about what you might want to get involved with
  5. Becca
    • strikes be goin in emails, ya? ya.
  6. Megan
    • Katrin can apply as long as her project has undergrad involvement, which it does!
    • going to buy the board for the upspace once she gets a quote, it'll be about $1400
  7. Leandro
    • wants to talk about Adam's new TD/MC thing
    • Margaret wants to talk about making decision meetings more efficient

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Monday, November 28th at 11 PM

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