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HERE: Serge, Zack, Leandro, Jon, Becca, Jenny, Patrick, Deepali, Megan, Margaret

MISSING: Jessie (invading Argentina), Justin, Adam (contributing to Nature)

ROSES: had a really good weekend, made french toast with housemates this morning, figured out a way to keep hair out of face after showering, woke up and played the harp, only two big things left this semester, new members and awesome terseness, catch-22 before bed, just kind of don't have anything to do this week, stole blanket back from roommate and had warmest sleep ever, landing in Italy in a week, no work this week,

THORNS: too many injured limbs, need the time to do normal things like cleaning and groceries, strike today and paper due Friday, semester is flying by, not having any clean clothes, always wanting one more hour, crying under the bed, straightening stuff for hair has worn out, next week is going to be the worst week of life, has to create website for self, haven't done laundry in a while,


  1. Alp will be at every meeting after this week
  2. going to be in the space starting Tuesday
  3. did quasi-design run
    • Becca says thumbs up
  4. had meetings with sound and set, which are both well on their way
    • midi files for music today
  5. Megan meeting with LD on Tuesday
  6. Becca wants to have staircase built by Thursday
    • might need sets of hands on Wednesday


  1. all positions filled
    • plus assistants
  2. waiting until end of week for new draft
    • will do reading with f-actors
  3. first design meeting will be around the 20th
    • Megan is feeling gooood
  4. Triggerhand is on the 10th which is during Writing is Live
    • Leandro wants to talk to Erik about including it in WiL
    • so they would fund the production and we would put their thing on our poster


  1. aka moving with Ari
  2. met on Friday and made a production calendar
  3. wants to audition February 1-3, callbacks on 4th
    • reserving dance studios for first week of rehearsals now
  4. is still looking for sound and set designers
  5. is interested in sand…


  1. Adam Asher is this week
  2. sent him an email, he must be doing fine
  3. Serge will ask about performance times
  4. Helen Diagama asked on behalf of Brownbrokers if they could use the Upspace for a music rehearsal between 5 and 8 on Tuesday
    • Serge will see if that's fine with Adam
  5. set dates for the lottery, duuuudes
    • it shall be due December 7th
    • Deepali will put it in the email
    • Zack and Serge will also figure out the weeks for next semester


  1. haven't heard from benefactor yet
  2. sent email with pictures from some projects, will send more stuff as it comes in December


  1. sangria is leaking in the box office
    • wine on the first aid kit stuff
    • we will take care of the leak and replace our bandaids
  2. MF has been leaving spaces unlocked
    • let's remind them not to do that


  1. Becca took the other training class
  2. Stephanie wants to do a general training with the whole board soon
    • preferably before the end of November, weekday afternoons are best
    • as long as most people are there it's fine
    • we'll set this date next week with the new mems
  3. Tim emailed Becca an authorization form
    • when Becca gives set designers/TD's the rundown, they get to sign a form now
  4. Abby will do a little file cabinet magic for the paperworks
  5. Becca emailed Shelley about money and hasn't been emailed back yet
  6. Megan also talked to Diane, who said Jason Lee at UFB is expecting a funding request from us
    • but Shelley said that UFB expects us to request funding from other places
    • we'll go forward with requesting funding from the UFB


  1. Zack
    • has never bozoed before, is bozoing Eurydice
    • Leandro and him will chat
    • Abby will also chat with Leandro about bozoing his show
  2. Margaret
    • cast needs to meet with Leandro
    • he and Zack will come to rehearsal on Thursday
    • Zack and Lily lost their home in the Granoff
    • Sam asked about using the Upspace on Sunday
    • Margaret said they were out of here by 8, but said that he could also use the Downspace Friday and Saturday, which would be a bitch lights-wise
    • Board is okay with them using the Upspace
  3. Megan
    • wants to talk to somebody who has stage managed before
    • Jenny and her will talk
  4. Abby
    • Fiona be off the map
    • dropped by BLUG but they were doing some presentation
    • will go back this week feeling less guilty
    • used PW archives for historical writing piece, interviewed people about a PW production of Hair in 1982 (directed by David Yazbeck lol) and they all go on the PW website all the time, 4 of them emailed corrections to our production history, which is definitely not correct
    • can we put a thing on our new website that allows alumni to subscribe to our listserv from the front page?
  5. Deepali
    • will email board about possible new jobs distribution
  6. Patrick
    • wants to know how Faustus funding shook out
    • we got enough money from CAC
  7. Leandro
    • declaration of war for lazer tag
    • Zack and Margaret will write it

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 11/20 at 11 AM

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