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HERE: Jon, Jenny, Serge, Leandro, Will (visiting), Ben (visiting), Margaret, Zack, Megan, Deepali, Justin, Adam (visiting), Abby, Alp (Eurydice)

MISSING: Jessie (helping build Brazil's new power station), Patrick, Adam (making modern art)

ROSES: donuts, it's almost christmas kind of I guess, extra hour was a gift and hot water bottles, hanging out with Adam, found ID afterwards, read a really good sexy short story, us against them is good plus blazed last night, improv shenanigans in Boston, this week is over, cuddling, awesome ASL progress and Guy Fawkes day, wonderful weekend, new man new perspective clean as a whistle, liking a boy a lot after taking a few months to decide

THORNS: dumb bitches, breakup, anxiety, productivity decrease as result of going home, lost ID last night, no longer feeling dangerous, breakup, Allie's donuts leaving, has to hang lights today, paper for tomorrow, life beginning to resemble romantic comedy, going to be sucked into cycle of rehearsals again, stupid stupid donuts, paper to write and law school to apply to and too many Fridays in the Sun Lab

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Allie's Donuts are no longer going to be at East Side Creamery. Plan accordingly.


  1. monitors
    • F8 Justin
    • S8 Jenny 2 (Leandro, Megan, Serge)
    • S11 Megan
    • Su8 Margaret, Abby
    • M8 Deepali (Zack)
  2. Jenny will help them with seating plats
  3. Becca gave Gracie a rundown of the shop
  4. they're making wooden seating plats, Becca is helping them do that on Monday
  5. we need the floor painted black asap after the show
    • Abby talked to them and they're planning on doing it at strike, we should let them know it will probably have to be after strike
  6. Abby will remind them to bring all their keys


  1. Alp is the production manager
    • had first production meeting last week
    • Becca is ready to build as soon as MF moves out
  2. the light designer wants somebody to show him around the space
    • Megan or Jon will talk to him
  3. another production meeting will happen sometime this week
  4. Zack will jump on as bozo


  1. still looking for props and sound
  2. got master carpenter, costume designer since last week
  3. thinking of holding auditions within first two weeks of December
    • releasing second draft Nov. 20th
    • Leandro is pumped
    • a reading may happen after second draft


  1. apps are due Wednesday at 5, email your buddies to remind them
    • Zach Rufa got Abby a draft
    • Ben got Zack a draft
    • Conor has met with Jon
    • Becca has met with Alex a few times
    • Leandro and Ursula have met, draft soon
    • Justin and Madeleine have met, he'll remind her about draft
  2. meeting this Saturday at 9
    • Thayer St classroom 116B


  1. BUME did some stuff
  2. they have equipment in here so let's lock the room
  3. Us Against Them is going well
    • Adam wants a projector, he will work on it
    • wants to know about setting up a 16×2 platform for the band, Serge will help him
    • wants three microphones, we maybe only have one functioning, Adam will contact Will Ruehle about stuff at the CAC
    • performances November 17-19 at 8 pm


  1. Margaret is working on a new packet for The Benefactor
  2. a dance duo has applied, Zack and Lily has applied


  1. Justin wants to tack on an Open Jar email to the email about the lottery
  2. Adam's email got lost, is now found
    • Open Jar committee will meet about that


  1. Leandro will clean the fridge after this meeting
    • Didja do it, Leandro?


  1. Megan
    • look at your pw gcal
    • put together a supplemental funding request for safety stuff, $4500 of which we agree to pay about $1000
    • safety subcommittee will meet about it and talk
    • also we have a new platform ladder it's cool but not for short people
    • someone is coming to borrow a chair, it will be back by next Saturday
  2. Abby
    • Andrew hasn't gotten back to her about checking out the server
    • will probably go to Blug again this week and pin down stuff
  3. Deepali
    • wants to have a list of our listserv
    • ABBY TALK TO BLUG find out if we can export it
    • if not, backup list due by November 20th
    • A-D Abby
    • E-H Leandro
    • I-L Megan
    • M-O Jenny
    • P-R Deepali
    • S-Z Jon
  4. Justin
    • will not be at meeting next Sunday

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 11/13 at 11 AM

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