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HERE: Justin, Patrick, Becca, Jon, Abby, Adam, Zack, Deepali

MISSING: Megan, Serge, Jenny (Tech), Jessie, Margaret (Home)

ROSE: finished big RISD project, matching Patrick and carrying toothbrush, Cape Cod today, the rapture didn't happen yesterday, going to get my dog tomorrow, waking up with “Sexual Eruption” stuck in head, not having to move yesterday, Camp Brown begins, new toothbrush, these tights

THORNS: one week to go, don't want to leave, HG Wells broke (little more time please), the rapture didn't happen yesterday, cleaning and dogproofing, nothing to do, having to help three people move yesterday, being homeless and saying bye to Jessie, moving yesterday, first undeserved B


  1. HMing (Megan, slot yourself in)
    • W7: Deepali, Patrick
    • R6: Jon, Zack
    • R10: Justin, Becca
    • F1: Adam, Abby
    • S3: Leandro
  2. they're getting reserves to Justin tonight
  3. Zack will teach Jared the Blueroom
  4. we should check in with the costume designer
    • Justin will meet with her and Ria today
  5. plats at 5 tomorrow, Abby will email MF
  6. we should poster for them
    • Jared will print them today
  7. Justin will remind people to give receipts to Adam


  1. Bozos: Adam, Becca
  2. early housing needs to be figured out
    • bozos will email Helen/Meredith, who will email the cast, etc.
  3. David will email Abby/Megan (the PM liaisons!)
  4. we have scripts, cast will get them individually


  1. still looking for an SM
    • James, put this in the email
  2. auditions
    • Abby is planning so that it doesn't conflict with The Visit/MF


  1. Keegan wants to know when MF's fall show is next year
  2. Abby wants it to be after instead of before Thanksgiving for casting conflicts
    • Megan, can you check up on this to see if we can switch MF to after Thanksgiving?
    • we usually alternate slots, so they should probably be after next year anyways


  1. we did the lottery
    • people should sign contracts either now or right when we get back
  2. reinstating the deposit
    • let's collect it when we give them the key
  3. we should paint the Upspace floor sometime this week
  4. Leandro will send out an email with everything that wasn't done during the work day
    • Deepali, fix the Mammoth!!


  1. space is looking pretty good
  2. let's reprint that red wall sometime


  1. James sent Leandro a grants report this week, he'll CC the board
  2. we don't have confirmed funding for next year, we will know next week
    • Justin will email the Open Jar guys over the next week, deadline sometime in early August for next semester's grants?
    • around $300/semester
  3. Zack will tell people who received the Upspace that they can apply to the grant sometime over the summer once the donation stuff is resolved
  4. Jon is making a logo this week!


  1. James and Deepali will meet today
  2. it is Saturday after the show, around 4:30pm
  3. we need to all help set up
    • Deepali will send out an email saying what needs to be done


  1. we still don't have the money from last semester
    • Margaret is the point person but is in and out
    • somebody needs to talk to Marilyn, Leandro will go see what's going on


  1. Adam
    • Mammoth: meeting at 12pm
    • gross beer fabric: Abby will launder it
  2. Becca
    • will need help after strike returning stuff
  3. Abby
    • Fiona has been in, looked at the server, figured out how to SSH in
    • she has uploaded the website files to our server, is currently getting it to work with our Apache level, some finagling is going on
    • she will finish that sometime this week
    • we will launch the website only for the board, beta testing, the old website will still be available to everybody
    • through the summer, we will use the new website, do data entry, figure out how everything works
    • right when people get get on campus, we will actually launch the new website!
    • people will need to make themselves accounts: you have a profile, etc.
  4. Leandro
    • Deepali and Leandro will coordinate meeting order stuff
    • also, Leandro will keep a tally of business stuff so that we don't forget about it during the meeting

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: September!!!

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