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HERE: Jenny, Jon, Abby, Adam, Becca, Sam, Margaret, Megan, Leandro, Deepali, Serge, James, Jessie, Justin, Patrick, Zack


VISITING: Jared (1001)

ROSES: done with terrible class, Fiasco, 116 is over, good theatre recently (where?), lots of sleep last night, funny mom voice conversations, unproductively social week, Deepali’s musical (specifically the girl/bird song), so close to the end, Dr. Who, Abby is aesthetically pleasing, waking up into The Godfather, season of love, my body, late night at WBRU, awesome week, yesterday was strange and lovely

THORNS: people canceling, irritating bummer aunt, friend feud, #gayboyproblems, ageist Silver Star bitch, finals, being ticklish, lots of shit to do, hot lesbian professors with hard exams, lack of head flexibility, Dr. Who, rolling little brother, sleeping nosebleed, really scary nightmare, out of contact solution, no more guaranteed Starla, USPS and tired, horrible week, don’t give a fuck about this paper


  1. paint
    • it was not completely full, we will charge $90
    • they can transfer to SAO
  2. money
    • we got it!


  1. meet & greet today at 6pm in Downspace
  2. technical director
    • still looking, ideas? Clara, Josh
    • we will pitch in and help Becca later this week
  3. scaffolding
    • might be really annoying?
  4. publicity
    • should be in the Commencement schedule
  5. strike
    • we can talk later, but 28th?


  1. lottery
    • May 16th at 5pm
    • we need to push for proposals
    • we should make the FB event: Zack
  2. HBO film crew
    • we don’t really know anything about filming on campus
    • we think no, Serge will respond


  1. brief discussion of buddies
  2. rights
    • Abby’s working on it
    • Zack, James, Serge, and Megan need to fill in info on the chart!


  1. no new submissions
  2. still no money, worth calling Marilyn again soon?


  1. deadline has come and gone, James is working on the report


  1. weird exit sign
    • it is a fire exit, it turns out
    • we need to make sure it’s not blocked, sign visible, etc., and it needs to be announced as not handicapped accessible
    • the bright side is: we only need two exits, so we can choose which of the hallway doors not to count
  2. work day
    • Saturday, 10am to 4pm
    • Adam will email out a list of tasks
    • Abby and Adam will be in an exam until noon
    • four MFers will be in an exam until noon, and five will leave for Mande at 2pm-ish


  1. James
    • MF contract: Abby will reach out and set up a meeting, a subcommittee (Abby, Leandro, Jenny, Deepali, Zack, Jessie) should meet and redraft
    • PWAQ: James will send out this week
    • Renish: Saturday of Commencement, 6pm-8pm, following 1001, James will include this in PWAQ email, James and Deepali will plan
  2. Jon
    • teaching basic skills (duv, lights, etc.): inviting people to work with and learn from us throughout the year
  3. Sam
    • PW in the world: where our new work goes after Brown (subcommittee: Abby, Sam, Justin)
  4. Adam
    • refreshing the furniture room, keep an eye out as you move out (M/W afternoons are good for stealing the van)
  5. Patrick
    • Leandro will check in with Alicia on extended housing
  6. Justin
    • Bakeoff: deadline on Wednesday, reading on Thursday, will create FB event
  7. Deepali
    • dreams of a projector
  8. Abby
    • website is happening! soon! Fiona would like to be our webmaster, awesome!
  9. Leandro
    • Mammoth: James and Leandro will talk through potential dates
    • Bozos: having two per show? this is great!
  10. Jenny
    • Leandro will talk to Gabe about schedule for this weekend


NEXT MEETING: Two Sundays from now (5/22) at 11am

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