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HERE: Leandro, Patrick, Zack, Justin, Deepali, Megan, Becca, James, Serge, Adam, Max, Margaret, Jenny, Sam

VISITING: Brette (Rent)

MISSING: Jessie (Festival of Dance), Abby (NYC), Jon (Rent)

ROSES: only two things left to do, surprising athleticism, really weird night in a good way, squash, Rebecca Sigel and Jacob Combs, tic-tac-toe, weather, José Enrique Macián, the week behind, the following two weeks, the possibility of tree buds, paid children’s theatre, Rent, Rent, dick slangin’ at the naked party, haven’t slept enough lately, six month anniversary, Rent

THORNS: screwed up financial aid, stern words, claustrophobia, body decaying, feeling like death this morning, seriousness, cell phone on wrist substituting for broken watch, anticlimax, the week ahead, the two weeks ahead, the hopelessness of dead squirrels, missing Commencement week, paper today, microeconomics, the good times never end, haven’t slept enough lately, Festival of Dance, RISD work


  1. checking in on ticket requests
  2. strike
    • Monday at 11pm


  1. we have the scripts
  2. Jared is not here
    • Justin will check in with him
  3. rights
    • Megan’s working on it
  4. production meeting
    • when is the next one? do we want to go?
    • yes, please schedule a time when people will be there
  5. rehearsal spaces
    • absolutely no requests can be made for Lyman
    • they should use the Scheduling Office
  6. housing
    • if you haven’t submitted your name to Justin, do it yesterday
    • Justin should cancel Brette from his list


  1. date
    • weird to have it the same day as the proposal deadline
    • move to May 16 at 5pm


  1. auditions
    • we should endeavor to make people aware that auditions are really late during exams
  2. proposal buddy check-in
    • we have TEN days
    • everyone send Max an update mid-week
  3. meeting
    • weird it’s a Sunday, remember to plan accordingly


  1. sent the report to the benefactor, grant has been renewed!
    • for this next round, we need to be on top of the funds transfer
    • Max will send the report out to the board
  2. bookkeeping
    • Max and Margaret will check in with this, update Megan
    • Abby, did you email people about the May 5 deadline?
  3. publicity
    • James will include more prominently in the email this week


  1. May 5 reimbursement deadline
    • James will follow-up one last time


  1. work day
    • Megan, Leandro, and Adam went through the space and made a list of projects
    • what color paint should the lobby walls be? we’ll decide next week
    • we need to borrow a car to buy some stuff for this


  1. Max
    • we need to be more aware of where we’re having our weekly meetings
  2. Margaret
    • Capture the Mammoth: set a date? Leandro and James will head this up
  3. Leandro
    • Jobs BBQ: May 19 at 3pm
    • when do we want to stop meeting? May 22 without seniors
  4. Patrick
    • affirming the need to sound-proof the Upspace
    • could we give out the Upspace in production weeks and send casts to the Green Room? is the Green Room becoming another dressing room? what about warm-ups for large casts?
  5. Justin
    • taking his play to the Fringe! could use some help with publicity!
  6. Megan
    • we cannot put ladders or long pipes in hallways ever
  7. Becca
    • will check in with Megan on strike plans
  8. James
    • PWAQ? Abby?
    • Abby and maybe some other people should meet with MF about the contract


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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