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HERE: Max, Justin, Adam, Serge, Megan, Margaret, Jessie, Leandro, Abby, Sam

VISITING: Deborah, Ben (foolsFURY Theatre Company)

MISSING: James, Zack (wtf 6:23am?)

ROSES: younger basdfrother nostalgia, inish, new mems, looking forward to imminent calm, ice coffee (x2), cousing engaged!, happy about The Famished!, great-aunts and grandmas are foulmouthed and whitehaired, saw The Famished stoolside, The Famished is done

THORNS: computer troubles, perpetually dirty room/kitchen as metaphor for life, 116 presentation on Thursday morning, losing small things, this past week, roommate drama, baby computer trouble, funky Sunday feeling coming on


  1. it’s great! two more shows: tonight at midnight, Monday at 10pm
  2. strike on Monday
    • we should make sure that all the Directorz people know to come
    • the show will be an hour, so strike will be called at 10:45pm
    • we should leave some lights up for Wednesday


  1. auditions tonight 6-10pm and tomorrow 5:30-8pm in Sayles
    • Leandro thinks he can man the table tonight 6-7pm
  2. we don’t have a set designer, have sound, waiting on lights
    • if we don’t have set by Wednesday, let’s just figure it out ourselves
  3. let’s set up a production meeting with the designers we have (and as many board members as possible)
    • fill out the when2meet!!


  1. they are an ensemble theatre company based in San Francisco and Brooklyn; training teaching, bringing in other teachers, etc.; been around 13 years, both scripted and devised work, work with playwrights
  2. they like keeping up with people, interested in helping students create work in various places
  3. also they have this French play that they translated, want to do a two to three week residency that culminates in a performance of the play using students from the area and professionals from their company
    • what is a home? both funding and space
    • lots of “design exciting yumminess”, opportunities for students as full designers
    • could probably apply for NWG or CAC, maybe CAC artist residency through a faculty member (Kym, Erik, Rebecca)
  4. Abby will be their point-person


  1. Justin will bozo
    • he will help them find designerz


  1. we need to organize the electrics stuff
    • Monday night, Jessie will take charge
    • separate bad and good cable, team effort
  2. paint room
    • Deepali, MSDS sheets (look up MSDS + product name)
  3. get bad tools out of the shop (Adam)
  4. tape up cables in the Downspace (Leandro)
  5. check the costume room (Abby)


  1. the safe
    • still kind of broken (James: it’s not the batteries)
  2. promote auditions
  3. we are cool to announce Open Jar this week
  4. prom
    • Leandro is going to City Hall to file the license on Monday, we need a DJ (Max will ask Jon), Sam will be the Event Coordinator

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Spring Break!!!


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