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HERE: Abby, James, Adam, Sam, Margaret, Deepali, Zack, Leandro, Jessie, Margaret, Max

VISITING: Jon, Becca

MISSING: Serge (Tech), Justin

ROSES: The Crucible tonight, As You Like It no longer, Closer is open, long lost friend, this week is over, sister visiting, theatre denial, Closer and birthday night, Sam’s Goofy (the Disney character) and goofy Christmas sweater, arbitrariness of time-keeping, back in the CAC

THORNS: theatre, Moors, Monday, long lost ID, Daylight Savings Time, untreated sinus infection, stale bagel, stale crumbs, Closer double date, missing the beautiful weather, another lost ID, unsmart phone


  1. waitlist is not a guarantee
  2. can the public reserve tickets?
    • yes, let’s make this clear
  3. Jessie will take the 3pm HM slot today
  4. good discussion of board presence and support
    • it should be the bozo’s responsibility to communicate these producing opportunities (runs, chairs, meetings, etc.) to the board in some centralized way
  5. strike
    • tomorrow at 10:45pm, board here at 10:20pm
    • Famished people will be late
    • Ari and Adam have been in touch about what to keep


  1. James and Deepali will figure out the logistics with Chris today


  1. about to sign contracts for the new batch
    • Lauren, Nic, Sean Patrick
  2. Open Jar Grant
    • announcement to the above this week, generally next week
    • James will set up the wiki page today


  1. board producers
    • James and Justin will get it started this week, Abby and Zack will step in next week
  2. visit classes this week!
  3. contacting staff
    • Jessie will e-mail the SMs
    • Abby will do set designers
    • Leandro will do sound designers
    • Margaret will do light designers
    • Adam will do technical directors


  1. has most staff, needs a sound designer


  1. still no money, and London doesn’t seem to have it either
  2. Abby and Deepali need to get the media to Max ASAP


  1. brief update on each applicant
    • people who haven’t contacted yet (Justin), please do!
  2. everything seems to be going well, we’re up to 12 now!


  1. nothing


  1. Abby
    • website: Sam K. has been in touch with his advice, things are looking good, Abby’s been giving some design notes
    • Famished: Zack will help her on the Blueroom, need help housemanaging
  2. James
    • officially deferring the website job back to Serge, James can’t seem to access the server anymore
  3. Leandro
    • he and Adam met with the LNF, insisted that we won’t be the ones to decide who gets money, they’ll send us a strict guideline for proposals
    • he will do the prom paperwork with Aly, James will help with license


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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