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HERE: Margaret, Leandro, James, Serge, Adam, Justin, Abby, Deepali, Zack, Sam

VISITING: Jenny, Zach, Becca (Prospectives)

MISSING: Max (Tech), Jessie (Tech)

ROSES: As You Like It opened, Sabrina (not Ferguson), seeing Jeff Mangum, Atlantic City, pandas, RENT is cast, donuts and Shakespeare, wrote 30 pages of robot thesis yesterday, like chilling on tech days, sexy night, beautiful days on their ways

THORNS: paper today, housing, brother broke up with girlfriend, meetings an hour earlier, microeconomics, sick suitemates, spent 12 hours in the Becker yesterday, invisible pimple on mouth, lovemaking music, annoying singing in the VGQ, end of Act I is worst thing ever


  1. tech downstairs yay!
  2. we need gaff tape
    • how do we get it?
    • Adam will check in with Megan
  3. house managers
    • F8 - Deepali, James
    • S8 - Zack, Adam
    • U3 - Leandro
    • U8 – Serge
    • M8 - Abby, Margaret
    • boys, please fill yourselves in?
  4. seating plats on Tuesday at 11pm


  1. he has people yay! who?
  2. and a projector
  3. Chris is the PM


  1. Jillian J. is using it for a two day workshop this week
    • meeting next weekend should be downstairs
  2. did contracts happen this week? they should, Sam will do this soon


  1. brief discussion of proposals
    • Rebecca looking for set designer
    • everyone is looking for everyone
    • Zack is rebuddying Matt


  1. Becca and Korama need buddies
    • Justin has Korama, Deepali has Becca, Sam has Ari


  1. Deepali and Abby are putting together the portfolio
    • waiting on blurbs and photos


  1. we will sign the thing
    • Adam will sign it and give it to James
  2. we have a check from Matt!
    • James will deposit on Monday, we can use as soon as paperwork is set
    • next week, announce in e-mail and to Upspacers, give about five days until we meet and grant


  1. card swiper still not working in the rain
  2. paint room?
    • Deepali still getting to it


  1. Leandro
    • prom? it’s in April, Justin and Jessie got trained, Adam and Leandro need to check in with Aly this week on the procedure
    • has to leave early next Saturday, so does Abby
  2. Becca
    • rhyming “croutons” and “futons”
  3. Abby
    • can The Famished use the Blueroom? yes
    • The Famished needs house managers, help out if possible!
    • website meeting Friday, it looks great, would be great for rest of the board to see some mock-ups
  4. Justin
    • someone help Justin figure out how to make a playwriting page
  5. James
    • meeting Saturday at 9am in JWW 401, Max will schedule


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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