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HERE: Max, Justin, Sam, Serge, Jessie, Megan, James, Margaret, Abby, Zack, Adam, Deepali, Leandro

VISITING: Steven (BCA), Saran (BCA), Abby (BCA)

ROSES: the people here, scissor lips and scuba diving, Steelers, family and home, jazzed about senior spring, people on campus finally, Bitches in the Upspace and Portuguese Sweetbread, tipsy, being back, taking the last piece of sushi (yes, James brought tuna sashimi), the State of the Union, great break and full semester, clean room and ready mind, handy manness and writing partner, Closer, Thom Jones and Writing is Live, somehow no class tomorrow

THORNS: leaving LA, thorns suck, missing the Super Bowl for tech, classes tomorrow, last chance to shop, shame and overwhelmingness, wet shoes, waking up early, can’t say that she didn’t get the last piece of sushi, the state of the union, expensive textbooks, missing parents, busy semester, snowpocalypses, no venue for event


  1. BCA presents Speakeasies for Brown bands, would bring in a national anchor act for this larger event
    • original, off-campus event fell through, now looking for on-campus location
    • interested in a crazy, sweaty, PW-promesque atmosphere
    • late February or early March
  2. event planning
    • BCA is event-trained, would staff the night, pay for costs
    • selling alcohol is not a deal-breaker
    • would need to be on a weekend in the first week of a show, struck by next day
  3. after much deliberation, we cannot host the event
    • Sam and Serge will follow-up


  1. Natalie is out of town, busy assistant, pushing forward with the set
    • Megan and Adam will talk
  2. production times and press release are good with us
  3. design run Friday at 8


  1. rehearsal started yesterday, have non-TFG rehearsal spaces for now


  1. applications due on Feb. 16
    • we should let people know


  1. Bitches is next week
    • need fashion magazine donations
  2. next lottery on Feb. 23 for second half of spring weeks


  1. box office rejuvenation is now happening


  1. still no money in the account
  2. Zach getting ready for his thing


  1. scheduled for Feb. 26


  1. Megan
    • department’s zip strip got paint? maybe? Tim is unhappy… can we switch out one of ours? hopefully
    • do your safety lists
    • 50th anniversary… James will respond to the alumni listserv with our position from last year
    • Writing is Live in the Upspace? not this time, but we are hosting the ticketing on the Blueroom
    • everybody, go through your rooms looking for supplies
    • Megan is going on leave after the strike of Drive, phasing out the jobs
  2. James
    • CAC check still not here, will check again
    • Sam will e-mail Doug the blurb
    • Zack is working on PWAQ
    • e-mail account is working
  3. Max
    • Charlotte wants our meetings to be later on Sunday, we love Charlotte, but not that much
  4. Leandro
    • fundraising? we’ll think later about doing an e-mail campaign over the summer


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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