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HERE: Adam, Jessie, Leandro, Sam, Justin, Deepali, James, Serge

VISITING: Cara, Jon, Patrick, Miriam, Anya, Becca, Laura, Brette (Closer), Ari (Closer & WITS), Jessica (Alum)

MISSING: Abby (Tech), Margaret (Tech), Max (Sick)

ROSES: snow, snow also, codeine, hanging tonight, Cuban Revolution, fluorescent lights, super mood, early morning meet-up, Shutter Island dreams, Velvet Underground defeating hair brushing boredom, last night was the best night of Brown, having sick ideas, great suitemates, borrowed fuzzy shoes, delicious homemade cheeseburgers, Sophie, MIKA sing-along, seeing all of us, free pancakes

THORNS: snow, not enough sleep, eye surgery, sick this week, this weather, American Psycho before going out, drunk cigarettes, baseball on the basketball courts, Heidegger by Tuesday, sick not going away, Hebrew worksheets, staying up until 6, indecision, sprained ankle friend, lots of cats, staying up also, boot mouth, missing the Oscars, hungry leaving, confusion about meetings

INDGREDIENTS: blankets, toes, socks, Adam Lambert, jelly, gumbo, a dried up creek, “you’ve got a husband who loves you”, violently slamming doors, Craigslist, Four Quartets, heart palpitations, earl grey tea, braces, lolcats, “quid pro quo”, wet feet, line mouthing


  1. they’re here visiting! yay! thanks for coming!
  2. status update
    • hanging lights at 7pm tonight! go!
    • building is happening, just painting and such
    • everyone should use the tech listserv
  3. we do a round of designer updates

INTERJECTION: “Stand and Unfold Yourself is the only way Hamlet should be done.” -Erik Ehn

  1. fire safety
    • lighter and herbal cigarette (James needs to see if we have these)
  2. we are moving the seating plats after this meeting
  3. publicity… is happening
  4. projector is coming on the 1st


  1. bringing her legacy! and so begins the projector fund!
  2. delivery from Oona
    • it’s an inish mask! but it’s real and from Italy! this is the coolest! thanks, Oons!


  1. need a projector
    • PM should reserve through Media Services immediately
  2. need a PM (see above)
    • publicity deadlines start this week
    • maybe check in with Chris Fitz?
  3. lots of people interested but not totally for sure
    • it is a big commitment, but it’s like a vacation!
  4. needs some sleeping bags
  5. how will tech work?
    • Margaret is maybe interested
    • will hang immediately following Closer strike
  6. some discussion of conceptual stuff
    • painting, projection, clown
  7. spaces and keys
    • the space needs to not have our equipment in it if/when it’s unlocked
    • we need to restock the first aid kit, and they will supplement with basic needs
  8. performances
    • every day beginning on the second or third day
  9. Deepali is the Bozo!


  1. we have new people!
    • Nic, Lauren, and Patrick/Justino
    • we need to do contracts, Sam will take care of it
  2. Stand and Unfold is struck! yay!
  3. Deepali has Zach’s key, will leave it in the safe


  1. buddies
    • Zack has Matt and Chris
    • Leandro has Michelle
  2. rights
    • Abby should get started on this
  3. push it push it


  1. Deepali and Abby will get the blurbs to Max


  1. schmooze on March 9, due March 16, decision March 19


  1. swipe card reader is broken in the rain
  2. Jon should move the board ASAP


  1. Leandro
    • be ready for long meetings when we have long meetings, chilllll
  2. Jessie
    • Justin and she will get trained on Wednesday
    • still waiting to hear about new mem training
  3. James
    • will not be here for prom, fyi
    • PWAQ needs to happen, out by spring break


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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