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HERE: Justin, Leandro, Deepali, Alex, Zack, Margaret, Abby, Adam, Max, Jessie, Sam

MISSING: James, Serge


ROSES: fresh and beautiful world, not going to Maine, Dr. Dog, car mobility, fabulous and relaxing weekend, catching up weekend, Sam Shepard, good girl bonding, relaxation + semi-productivity, ready to take bite out of world, sleep

THORNS: Kafkaish hell of a week, the concept of left and right, not getting any work done, details anxiety, failed board hangout, [0], unwanted relationship advice, flaking out on musical, essaying, no water until 4 pm, impending lack of sleep


  1. rehearsal is going well
  2. Parker needs help with sound
    • Leandro will e-mail him
  3. they started building a couple of hours ago
  4. should we have them present the set to us?
    • we should have, dropped the ball
    • more about giving director a solid reason to talk to the designer than the presentation itself, say some, especially with an inexperienced director, us being producers!
    • Keegan says it was helpful to have to come into the meeting, thinks the director should also come, helped articulate, expose confusion/potential issues
    • a way to get it to not be like checking homework – have it be a mini production meeting of sorts, shouldn’t be just set, even though it may be early for lights and sound
    • how about 4-5 weeks out on a project the designers come to one of our meetings and chat? we want to know the designers in our space!
    • let’s set this in stone at Visions
    • for now, let’s ask Patrick to the next meeting, and his design team can come and talk to us!
  5. noise issues with Stand & Unfold
    • it sucks, is frequently a problem
    • let’s soundproof one of these days and try to find a compromise for now
    • maybe the teeny dance room with a piano?


  1. Ari Rodriguez is going to live in the space
  2. looking for other people to work with him on this, planning on e-mailing random people, going to Multimedia Performance class
    • he needs to send us a blurb for our e-mail today, Zack will tell him to, James can you wait to send the e-mail until we get that?
  3. can people enter during the not-set performance time?
    • if people are going to be in and out, how are we going to schedule/monitor that?
    • let’s clarify that, he will be at the next board meeting


  1. Stand & Unfold is going going
  2. Leandro will be there from 7-9pm on Thursday
  3. we will double-check with Doug to see if we can hang in da booth
    • if you aren’t an official monitor, e-mail Doug to see if you can come hang
  4. they aren’t using the fog machine
  5. Serge should take some of James’ time
    • those two will coordinate this
  6. tomorrow is the lottery, Sam will see how many e-mails we be getting


  1. it’s round the corner, proposals are due March 9th
    • let’s make a MAJOR PUSH and rustle rustle
  2. Sam will see if he has time to play Lady Winkybottom

INTERJECTION: “Those people [who will not propose] are slaves to convenience.”


  1. how did this become so weird/stressful?
  2. Max has talked to Anushka
    • the money is with Peter Hansen, Max will try and find his number
  3. Zack will be the chair of NWG next year
  4. let’s make a nice little thing for Bonas with what we’ve funded
    • Abby and Deepali will do this


  1. upspace lights track lights still
  2. the downspace board is in the Upspace booth
    • let’s cover the board and make sure Jon knows to protect it
  3. people using the Upspace need to lock the door and close the window
  4. we may need to move the seating plats when Closer builds


  1. Abby
    • who wants to help Deepali and Abby set up a bookcase after the meeting?
    • Bitches in the Box Office
  2. Zack
    • still working on the PWAQ
  3. Leandro
    • we need to start thinking about Prom
    • everyone should get trained, Jessie will see if new people can get trained all together
    • tentatively set for April 9
    • we will quibble about seniors
  4. Jessie
    • Visions is this Saturday at noon, 206 Power due to party hounds elsewhere
    • do we have the dance studio reserved on Saturday nights? what Saturday night is still a problem? Saturdays with shows. Mo techno mo problems.

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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