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HERE: Serge, Zack, Adam, Megan, Max, Deepali, Abby, James, Jessie, Leandro, Margaret

ROSES: parents texting, don’t care that room’s messy, frogs, Zack’s twitter, dude was former CS TA, happy and sociable, gaining courage, Martha from high school, breakfast with the Keegans after a record breaking fast dressing, LSATs are done, Pamela Anderson is not a human, desk rearrangement, Writing is Live, lanky and eloquent Max Posner

THORNS: subpar energies, room’s messy, bullfrogs, dude passed out on futon, influenza, sad to be going on leave, losing good health, sick and CSI voice, late wake up and the LSATs, Lowry, not dry laundry, no sushi places open, tired and sick

INTERJECTION: From this week’s Post: “Lanky and eloquent, with a certain bookishness about him manifesting itself in a checkered oxford and wool sweater… a creative darling of the undergraduate theatre set. Exuding a quiet, bright-eyed keenness….”


  1. strike tomorrow at 10pm
  2. Adam doing structural strike, Leandro running delegation
  3. Jessie will be in the electrics room
  4. James will add the booth to his list of useless rooms
  5. Margaret will be in the shop


  1. speakers should stay up during strike


  1. due on Wednesday
  2. we have a submission from Evan
  3. let’s get some more, dudes!


  1. lottery on the 23rd
  2. no, people cannot have it twice in a week


  1. Abby has Rebecca, they’re talking
  2. Deepali will make a Facebook event


  1. e-mailed asking about the status
  2. committee should assemble a review of what we’ve funded


  1. heat broken in the Upspace
  2. also Sam is complaining about a burnt-out light in the Upspace ceiling
  3. is the Upspace power working?
  4. paint room?
    • Deepali will get on this
  5. we have a lot of trash bags now


  1. Abby
    • we met with the website people, it’s looking good
    • we like the idea of a check list of interests, how does this work into the database?
  2. James
    • Alex R. has reached out (with Matt and Justin) to start a new grant! we agree that the Upspace would be a great beneficiary! hooray! thanks, guys!!
    • next week’s meeting: Tuesday at 3pm
  3. Megan
    • grant subcommittees need to e-mail out regular updates about awards with amounts, projects, PMs, etc.
    • this is her last meeting, anything else for her? we love her!
    • looking into getting a new Upspace board and repairing the Downspace board


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday at 3pm

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