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HERE: James, Max, Sam, Margaret, Zack, Adam, Serge, Justin, Abby, Leandro, Jessie (in tech), Deepali (in tech)

ROSES: Bitches in the Upspace, new socks, Meredith dissipating extreme neurotic tension, also Meredith Mosbacher knows Justin’s pressure points, no class on Mondays and Wednesday, amazing weather today, string of good events, blue sky smells like roses, so many donuts, Harmonic Motion and RISD, people over last night, the nighttime, amazing famous lesbian professor

THORNS: more filming for AYLI yet again, reading a big book, yet to see dirty silly bandz, permanent tinsel all over the floor, sweater is making it hot, donut eating failure, strike today, managing the daytime, weird guy living in my suite, awkward run-in with sashimi guy, lead of the play is MIA, missing the Super Bowl for tech


  1. starting tech, missing an actor and the LD today
  2. sound is going okay
  3. Zack is meeting with Matt today to go over ticketing
  4. house managers
    • F8 - Leandro, Serge
    • S7 - Zack, Max
    • S11 - Justin, Abby
    • U8 - James, Margaret
    • M8 - Adam, Leandro
  5. seating plats: Monday at 11pm? let’s check with Matt


  1. Late Night Fund is likely no longer granting to plays
  2. need to have five shows, we think this is the plan
  3. need someone to do make-up


  1. Abby has Rebecca
  2. spread the word, make a FB event


  1. really make a FB event big time now


  1. Bitches happened, is cleaning tomorrow
  2. Rufa is next


  1. Abby needs to update Max on totals
  2. Max and James will look into the money situation
  3. send to Visions the discussion of what qualifies for this grant


  1. power outage in the Upspace
  2. we should bucket the leak in the Upspace booth
  3. send to Visions the discussion of buying a new light board
  4. Abby needs a ride to buy furniture for the booth


  1. date change: apps due on March 16, decision meeting on March 19


  1. Megan
    • someone needs to take her safety job: Deepali is sort of trained?
    • did we get cat litter? Deepali?
  2. Abby
    • thanks to everyone who helped with Bitches
    • let’s finish the box office!
    • met with website people, it was awesome
  3. Adam
    • changed all the ones into twenties, yay!
  4. Leandro
    • wants to start a theatre coalition, a la Body & Sole


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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