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HERE: Justin, Ursula, Zack, Patrick, Margaret, Alex, Becca, Megan, Alp (Eurydice), Jon, Serge, Deepali, Jenny, Abby

MISSING: Jessie (taking an hour or so to learn about the culture and history of Brazil), Adam (pooping)

ROSES: soon I will be done, no roses and it is upsetting, leaving in less than a week to go back home and mini eurotrip with mom, every time you make a bad decision or sacrifice something you gain something else, suitemate who is not dating anyone, saw Eurydice last night and loved it, Eurydice, this bagel and Eurydice, Trigger Hand cast, HarMo winter formal last night, lots of mobility in the winter due to a rejection of the 'big coat', went to the GCB for the second time and it's really cool and newfound positivity, dad has been sending a childhood photo every day in December, unknown, Zack can now go to the GCB, Katherine Bergeron doing an incredible rendition of Lush Life,

THORNS: sick in many ways, waking up is like being born again, mega 20 page paper on aesthetic theory, lot more to do in the next few days than previously thought, heated argument with a friend last night, just about to hit all the work and not looking forward to it, going crazy when watching shows one directed and making Conor nervous and worried, that Jenny was so late, supposed to be done last Wednesday but had to push things back because of kidney stones, so much work to do, only seeing anxiety in the future, a lot of work to do and Downton Abbey is taking up too much time, missing family a lot, massive paper will be the death, feet have a tough time catching up with head, papers and walking into an MF meeting this morning


  1. it's great people are crying a lot
  2. about $110 unspent
    • Becca could buy scrap wood
    • it would be 'replacing' the wood she used and getting new wood for Trigger Hand/Guests
  3. strike on Monday at 10
    • we will have a dumpster
    • we will throw out the couches in the green room
    • Patrick will do that
    • Ursula will be in the shop
    • Alex will be around in the space and help in the shop
    • Conor will begin to learn the furniture room
  4. 11 o clock last night was half ful
    • we will do a publicity push, statuses
  5. we will take down the scaffolding
  6. let's keep the old piano in the butt until we talk to the music dept.


  1. readthrough on Tuesday at 5
  2. instead of Phoebe Nir, Ava Langford is playing A
  3. all design positions filled
    • assistant sound and costumes should still be in the email
    • also say in the email that we need build and electrics crew and an assistant production manager


  1. production meeting today at 1:30
  2. Jenny will email Deepali to say what they're still looking for


  1. four shows have been selected
    • they are all big
    • Chantel and Olivia need to email Serge to accept their upspace slots
  2. face..!…?
  3. will figure out contract signings after break
  4. people should apply to Open Jar
  5. we should start telling people about the Sunday Show and get the word out


  1. it seems that the funds don't roll over
    • they fill up the 'jar' to $450 a semester
    • PW is great at misunderstanding each other about math
  2. should the deadline be rolling?
    • harder to portion out funds
  3. let's do one deadline still
    • first official day of classes


  1. Brownbrokers still owes pictures
  2. Zack and Lily still owes receipts
  3. things will be good though
  4. the Benefactor still hasn't gotten back and it's been almost a month
    • Margaret emailed Anushka again
    • Anushka has not gotten back to her
    • Margaret will call their office
  5. are we going to proceed as though we still have funds?
    • yes


  1. Becca emailed about meeting about a table saw
  2. Shelly said we could apply to get money from the Campus Life grant
    • that's usually just for events, but they're going to allow us to apply
    • that would be for about $500 if we get it


  1. the gate/metal thing that is usually in front of the elbow door was taken down for Eurydice
    • we will put it back on


  1. Becca
    • wants to borrow somebody's LA key
  2. Abby
    • MF should be getting us the stuff soon
    • duv to be fixed is in the hot room, tie line is somewhere
  3. Margaret
    • cars for lazertag
    • Megan has Deepali's key
    • Margaret will ask her housemate
    • we need to recruit people with cars
    • ask Olivia Harding
    • Patrick will inquire as to the zip car
    • Zack will ask Sam to ask Nuni
  4. Megan
    • don't forget Secret Santa!
    • be here at 9:30 if you can to set up
    • Megan and Zack will meet about the PWAQ
  5. Serge
    • Skylar asked if his upspace show could be in the space the week before they get it
    • sure!
  6. Justin
    • Zack, Patrick, and Justin will be slightly late to the Christmas party
    • bakeoff theme: coming home
    • ingredients: childhood pets, not enough food, 'if you believe in fairies they'll believe in you', a meaningful piece of jewelry, a red bow, 'not if I can help it', a tasteless odorless powder, a rap battle with a donkey, the color violet, babysitters, a sacrificial lamb, the way that a flounder moves, 'hey darlin, pass the pie', burping the alphabet backwards, two people playing the same character
    • Justin will figure out the due date
  7. Jenny
    • registered for the midyear fair
    • she will email the board when it comes along
  8. Patrick
    • is interested in running the next proposals meeting
    • will maybe take proposals from Megan, we'll discuss it at the christmas party

MINUTES: Deepali


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