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HERE: Leandro, Becca, Megan, Serge, Ursula, Abby, Zack, Patrick, Deepali, Alex, Alp (Eurydice), Jon, Justin

MISSING: Jessie (lifting face), Adam (feeding the sewer gators)

ROSES: very little left to do for the rest of the semester, dropping a class last week was a really good call, advent calendar from home, auditioning for WCRH tonight, a number of moments of happiness because of various things also the letter R and Bagel Gourmet, saw this violin quartet playing yesterday, really great improv scene with Justin, arch sing went really well last night, had fun doing something that would normally be a little bit 'come on', Trigger Hand auditions today and it's really happening, went home and sang Bridge Over Troubled Water with little brother at a cabaret, project looks good,

THORNS: stupid stuff to do like laundry, still don't owe donuts, not doing stuff from to do list, crazy two weeks before going back home, tried to make bacon chocolate chip cookies last night but they turned into a flat crispy thing and people graduating, shit got weird at the gate last night, being afraid of being bad at things is getting old, not ready for day of scenes tomorrow, missed bagel opportunity, double standards, being sad and missing shop at high school, out of printer ink today


  1. Alp gave Megan some receipts
  2. wet tech is going to be long today
  3. ticket reserves stuff
    • cast/crew reserves due Wednesday by 5 pm
  4. total budget $1050
  5. Margaret is trying to contact the interpreting agency
  6. posters will be printed Tuesday
  7. 90 people max house count
    • Alp will figure out the P.O for programs
    • will probably print them on Thursday
  8. they're planning on doing a run today at 9, which may not happen
    • but a run will happen at some point!
  9. BDH is coming tomorrow
  10. HMs
    • F8 Becca, Megan
    • S8 Patrick, Ursula
    • S11 Alex, Leandro
    • Su8 Abby, Serge
    • M8 Zack, Deepali
  11. seating plats tomorrow at 11
    • whether there are seating plats in the upspace will be determined at production meeting tonight


  1. auditioning today
    • email will say no experience or preparation necessary
    • link to facebook event also
  2. had a design meeting
    • will have a read-through and production meeting once cast


  1. is what Ari's piece is now called
  2. still looking for sound designer, wants somebody with live music performance experience
  3. Helen is his production manager, she should start coming to meetings next semester


  1. Story of my Life happened
    • they ran out of paint so we gave them some and told them to keep track of how much they used
    • they should do touch ups anyhow
  2. we uncovered the exit sign!
  3. lottery entries due Wednesday
    • plug the facebook event
  4. in the future we should be clearer about everybody using the shop cleaning up
    • especially people who are in the upspace
    • we don't hold people accountable enough
  5. Zack is insane


  1. Becca is going to call Facilities about the power thing that still hasn't happened
  2. banks of dimmers in the downspace going out in 4s, the people at ATR said to clean out the dimmer rack
    • it's not our dimmer rack so it's the boxes themselves
    • somebody has to come look at it
    • 8 more dimmers are about to go out due to flickering yesterday
    • apparently our raised funds have always been towards a new dimmer set
    • issues have been going on for a while
    • Megan is going to go to ATR, buy tie line, and talk to them
  3. Megan will email for a new quote for the upspace board and then buy it
  4. LEANDRO, order a dumpster for strike!


  1. UFB only gave us $2000
    • for the new saw blade, but not solving the electrical issue
    • which is so dumb, but nobody in the University thinks that the power thing is their fault
  2. we can't go to Facilities really, we need to take it higher
  3. electrics stuff costs $1072, it should be taken care of over Christmas break
    • paying for it out of pocket doesn't exclude getting it paid for later
  4. fundraising stuff
    • we should email the alumni listserv this week
    • Megan is going to send the PWAQ thing out this week
  5. safety people should meet soon also


  1. Deepali
    • who wants to meet with Corina/possibly Kirstin about costume stuff?
    • Becca, Abby, and Deepali
    • we should get those little cabinets that go on the wall and we can put lending forms in them
  2. Alex
    • new mems should put bios up on the site
  3. Patrick
    • for visions, when are we starting/what will food be/what is the structure?
    • 10 AM this Saturday, we usually bring food
  4. Zack
    • Emily Oliviera is looking for an ASM
    • we can't put it in the email, but she can email the tech listserv
  5. Abby
    • is meeting with Fiona sometime this week
    • still hasn't gotten Andrew to come check out our server and say what parts to buy
    • might ask this other kid Ben
  6. Justin
    • bakeoff readings: Wednesday at 11 in box office/green room
    • Adam Asher's receipts are in the box office
    • will talk to Matt Gelfand
  7. Megan
    • wants to talk about supplementing show budgets with grants at visions
  8. Becca
    • should we be paying for gas
  9. Leandro
    • will check in with Margaret about The Benefactor

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, December 11th at 11 AM

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