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HERE: Serge, Megan, Justin, Patrick, Adam, Abby, Margaret, Jenny, Deepali, Max, James, Zack, Sam, Jon, Leandro, Becca

VISITING: Brette (MF), Jared (1001)

MISSING: Jessie (Brownbrokers)

ROSES: first read of 1001 was great, Megan is back yayyyy, thorns, essay on kissing breasts, easy work done quickly, held a baby for first time ever, nuts weekend with pirates, cast is beautiful and talented, productive musical revisions, going to Los Angeles this week, more Anglin babies, bought some plane tickets, German cabaret, fake cabaret at Wesleyan, portraits of women, Rent, intoxicated week, okay with having moustache, nice ladies in the lobby

THORNS: so much shit to do and quitting smoking simultaneously maybe, really steamy in this office of box, roses, racial slurs while playing Halo, day-long headache, interviews, three papers due, snappy snap, stupid family stuff gets stupider from afar, unfortunate circumstances and early flights, work left for Rent, PW water bottle says 911 instead of PW, no sleep project, fever dreaming, Rent, ultimate won regionals


  1. meeting tomorrow at 3:30pm with safety
    • Megan and Becca will be there, along with an MF board member
    • MF board is ready to jump in after whatever decisions are made
    • Adam put the guard on the table saw, it should stay there
  2. duv and plats tonight, chairs on Thursday
  3. doors cannot be propped ever ever
    • Brette will pass along the message
  4. need a sound operator
    • Brette should email the tech list
  5. did they get a safety packet?
    • it needs updating, it’s from 2007, and it should be part of the show packet


  1. rights
    • still waiting from response from Sam French
  2. sound designer
    • Alex Yuly from Rent!
  3. technical director
    • still looking, people throw out names that James doesn’t recognize (Clara, Jay, etc.)
    • James will put this in the email this week
  4. housing
    • Justin will coordinate with Jared
    • board who needs it should let Justin know
  5. first production meeting
    • Wednesday at 10pm, second floor of Salomon
    • board will be there to meet and greet


  1. Leandro’s got Becca, Serge has Korama
  2. auditions
    • worry about turnover between decision and end of finals
    • we need to publicize in advance of the decision for a general slot


  1. lottery
    • May 11 at 5pm
    • weeks depend on calendar which is forthcoming
  2. Jillian
    • wants to have her GISP perform in the Upspace May 8 through 14
    • Serge will call and explain that weeks are a longer process but that the 14th could work


  1. still no money, expected by Advancement in May
    • we’ll keep an eye out on MyGroups
  2. Margaret should call this week to follow-up on next installment
  3. still many grants not cashed in yet
    • Abby will email recipients and set a May 5 deadline


  1. no reimbursement requests or reports
    • James will look into it and set a May 5 deadline


  1. following up on safety report
    • we would like a new table saw
    • we need quotes on this stuff, Adam and Megan will look into purchasing the necessary things


  1. James
    • Justin needs to send 1001 the show packet with the safety packet from Megan
    • Megan and Max will look for the MF Contract, board will review
  2. Sam
    • interested in Theatrebridge but we’ve already set this, Sam and Zack and Leandro will chat
  3. Becca
    • MF needs to provide the black paint for strike, they can buy ours for $24/gallon
  4. Megan
    • has the new safe at JWW, will borrow Deepali’s car
    • MSDS is coming soon from Deepali
    • Megan will make the 2011-2012 calendar soon
  5. Justin
    • looking to borrow a scrim, he can take ours from Strasberg if it comes back to PW
  6. Patrick
    • having spent the week in the Upspace, affirming the need to sound-proof the elbow
  7. Abby
    • website people haven’t responded in two weeks


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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