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HERE: Serge, Justin, James, Patrick, Max, Jessie, Adam, Deepali, Margaret, Leandro

VISITING: Drew (Open Jar), Matt (Open Jar)

MISSING: Zack (Sick), Becca (Home)

ROSES: pleasant hallucinogens, Spank City, Wyclef, young love, relatively older love, found ID, TV on the Radio all weekend, French toast and omelets, Bagel Gourmet, public school vacation, Saunders Family Inn, awesome spring weekend, Directorz, birthday, shrooms and/or lenses, Rent, adorable baby on plane, best friends in NYC, curling up with a book

THORNS: cute girls who don’t text back, summer plans, three hours of theatre, summer, life logistics and balancing, overnight cold, no real thorns, stopping smoking, coworkers leaving, Saunders Family Inn, failed weekend plans, three papers but no sleep, now getting hungover, Rent, laundry and paper all day, spring weekend


  1. check-in about the grant, foundation, etc.
    • it’s going well!
    • thanks all around!
  2. next round of granting in the fall for weeks that will be lotteried before summer


  1. we’re doing Rent
  2. let’s lend Becca a hand this week!
  3. fire?
    • they’re welcome to do anything they desire, as long as they get permission from Paul Brooks
    • Brette has emailed him, waiting on a response
  4. Sam hasn’t seen Rent before
    • we know
    • he wants to make t-shirts
  5. plats tomorrow at 11pm
    • clear this with Becca in advance
  6. MF work day
    • May 14, Abby will confirm


  1. Jared needs to come to these meetings
    • James will email him and talk through publicity stuff, too
  2. auditions this week
    • are there posters? Jon made one, where is it?
  3. potentially found staff
    • sound: Alex from Rent?
    • assistant director: Sam B.?
    • Jenny’s looking for ASMs, put in email
  4. rights?
    • Abby will get the info from Megan and call tomorrow


  1. proposals due: May 11 at 5pm
  2. decision meeting: May 15 (Sunday!)
    • James will get a room


  1. Max emailed Marilyn on Friday, no answer yet
    • will call her directly tomorrow
  2. report sent to the benefactor this past week


  1. Lauren’s key is in an envelope in the Box Office
  2. Patrick and JustinO this week
    • they can use plats and chairs, they just have to move them up and down
    • they can use black chairs in performance, but they should be treated like fragile children
  3. monitors
    • R8 - Leandro, Jessie
    • F9 (Starla) - Jenny, Abby
    • S8 - Max, Sam
    • S11 - Justin
  4. fall semester first-half lottery
    • Serge and Zack are working on weeks
    • we will schedule once Zack is here


  1. hand dryer in downstairs women’s bathroom is broken
    • Leandro will call
  2. we need to repaint the Upspace floor
    • it’s kind of pink again


  1. we did the March reading! it was so lovely! let’s do it again!
    • the plays are posted on the website
  2. April ingredients
    • Justin will email them to James tonight


  1. Max
    • Pete and Peter made cool drop boxes, donated to PW, thanks!!
  2. Serge
    • we should schedule Jobs BBQ and Denish
    • we need to think about the table saw, maybe buying a new one
  3. Abby
    • still meeting with website people
  4. Jon
    • in the space tonight at 10:30pm, come hang with him!


NEXT MEETING: Monday at 11pm (Easter! Rent!)

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