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HERE: Abby, Patrick, Jessie, Leandro, Jenny, Sam, Adam, Becca, Justin, Margaret, Zack, Jon, Deepali, Serge (late!)

MISSING: James (Vegas, Baby), Max (Grandma Baby)

ROSES: Mama Kim's barbecue and prom smoothness/moneymaking, slept really well last night, us! being here!, pleasure reading, almost done with musical, the great outdoors + gospel, croquet day today, darkness, not stressed out right now, winning tournament yesterday!, Jaap's birthday, visit from good buddy and appreciating Brown, sleeping in bed after 28 hours of improv + prom, a good weekend

THORNS: don't feel ready for diddy, Rebecca Black alarm/long B.G. Line, afternoon scheduling annoyance, kinda diddy, soul hangover, Rent is starting (how you gonna pay?), croquet day today, no donuts today?!, should be stressed out right now, car accident last night, sympathy to downstairs, friends graduating and real world fear, microeconomics, lots of work


  1. show Leandro receipts so he can figure out total profits!


  1. tech
    • compressed and hectic, but things are okay
    • plats, duv, painting today
    • actors coming at 6pm, spending an hour working on transitions
    • full run of the show at 8pm, ADOCH run tomorrow at 8pm
  2. Blueroom opening tonight at 11:59pm
    • we will get a number on chairs today
  3. printing programs through Metcalf, Abby will make them
  4. HMs
    • M8 - Zack, Abby, Patrick, James
    • T8 - Sam, Justin, Becca
    • W8 - Serge, Deepali, Jon
    • R8 - Jessie, Jenny
  5. strike
    • Thursday at 9:30pm, let’s be there at 9:15pm
    • Patrick will inherit the furniture room from Sam
    • Becca will be in the shop
    • Jon will be on electrics
    • Jenny will help with props


  1. auditions
    • Monday and Tuesday, April 18 and 19, afternoons with a nighttime audition on Monday, callbacks on Wednesday
  2. remember: this is our Commencement show, we will BE THERE for them
  3. sound designer
    • none yet, Justin emailed Ria a list of possible people
    • let’s email the professor of the sound design class
  4. rights
    • not yet, Megan is getting them this week


  1. Bakeoff Reading
    • Tuesday at 10pm
    • we should all come and act in it
  2. Clerestory
    • want to use the Upspace for a reception on May 6 or 7, Adam will send the email out
  3. Patrick, come up with a name for your thingummy today


  1. we should sweep and mop today


  1. we gave $200 to Storm of Mystery
  2. Abby made the PDF of the report, Max and Margaret will send it to the benefactor


  1. Abby
  • can somebody take a few DitD posters to Pembroke and RISD?
  • MF work day? Abby will start talking to them about it now, possibly Saturday, April 30, or Friday, May 6; costume and green room need revamps, we should paint the lobby and spruce up the chair racks
  1. Zack
    • Theatrebridge? Zack will take the first spot
    • website idea: playwrights from any college/university could post scripts, people could read them
    • PWAQ: let’s do it through the Alumni Office at least the first time because they have a bigger list than us, and then send another thing out with the launch of the new website; Abby will jumpstart talking to the AO, Deepali will siphon it off of her
  2. Justin
    • Bakeoff plays: Justin will make a wiki page to upload them to the website
  3. Becca
    • can two of the 4x8s stay in the space?
  4. Jenny
    • we should send out a Facebook message with things we found at Prom
    • what if we had a Lost & Found?

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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