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HERE: Abby, Serge, James, Zack, Jessie, Sam, Max, Jon, Margaret, Becca, Adam, Jenny, Leandro

MISSING: Deepali (Baby in D.C.!), Justin (Baby in D.C.!), Patrick (Travel)

VISITING: Nic (Upspace)

ROSES: Play About the Baby Part Two!, brother, Empire State Building, awesome bottle, PW swag, amazing phone call from Adam, Zack on PWAQ and Twitter, dogs, western Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, beautiful Vermont with beautiful girlfriend, Teeth, rediscovering Twitter, OMG new mem sandwich, April Fools all month long, Cults in Boston

THORNS: Deepali is sad to be missing the first meeting with the new mems, friend’s boyfriend’s brother, no work done over break, apartment hunting, German movie reviews, rough landing, alarm clocks, Senior Slot anxiety, people overdose, Eat Pray Love, addicted to Twitter, not in Puerto Rico, North Carolinan ocean and Frisbee, never achieved full break mode


  1. Like Me & Nic
    • going up this week!
    • acquiring more Christmas lights, dog costume, etc.
    • speaker and lighting issues, Serge will look into it
    • send James the blurb for e-mail tonight
    • monitors: F7 (Zack), S5 (Margaret)


  1. building
    • Adam can’t do anything until Thursday, but stuff is here and can be explained via email
  2. poster
    • Abby is designing, Jon will help with fonts
  3. schedule
    • Abby and Zack are doing tech schedule tonight
    • platforms and chairs on Sunday after meeting
    • strike on Thursday at 9:30pm
  4. Zack will check in with Kat to make sure that publicity checklist is happening
  5. Leandro is liaising with sound


  1. sound designer
    • Parker, Dylan, Aaron, Nara
    • Justin will send this list to Ria, help her figure it out
  2. when are auditions?
    • in the vicinity of RENT, Jenny is meeting with her this week


  1. Abby will send Max the Bonas document
  2. Max will call tomorrow and follow-up on locating the money
  3. Margaret will be the next generation of NWG person


  1. grants to Lauren and Nic
  2. it’s happening!


  1. power out all day today on campus, but we’re okay now
  2. inspections on Friday
    • clean your rooms
    • the paint room is done
    • cables in the space need to be taped
    • what time are they coming? is someone meeting them?


  1. Saturday night!
    • new mems need to be party trained on Wednesday at 1pm and 5pm for an hour in Petterutti
  2. schedule
    • James won’t be here, seniors should get roaming/rotations off
    • Serge, Zack, Jenny, and Max are open to bartending
  3. set-up
    • need to buy beer, chips, vodka/gin, mixers, cups, Leandro will call Drew to ask about budget
    • Deepali, can you buy ice on Saturday?
    • Jon will DJ
    • Abby will make the Facebook event, everyone should invite
    • Zack and Abby will get the license at City Hall tomorrow at 1pm if Leandro can’t make it


  1. Adam
    • bought 24 rolls of gaff tape! yay! Max can maybe drive it from the mailroom
  2. Leandro
    • Theatrebridge planning has begun, think about if you’re staying in Providence
  3. Abby
    • talking to a woman in the Alumni Office about getting a contact list of alums
    • Max will send Abby a list of non-board recent alums
    • Jon will join Abby at the website meetings
  4. James
    • Vegas BABY next week, will miss Prom and meeting, very cut up about it
    • where is the key to the safe? in the meantime, Abby will buy a new safe
  5. Zack
    • made a really beautiful PWAQ, will wait on Abby/Alumni stuff to send out


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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