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HERE: Sam, Max, Adam, Serge, Abby, James, Leandro


MISSING: Deepali, Zack, Megan

ROSES: brown family band, french toast, crazy last night, big boi, pink floor, consecutively awesome donuts, friday night, brown football won, living the life like a freight train, slept pretty well and fasted but drank liquids don’t know why

THORNS: green tea, card houses sort of, crazy week, mel gibson’s what women want, sad hungover and something in your eye, still shopping, bing and full frontal male nudity, didn’t take full inventory of the year due to memory loss

INTERJECTION: “There’s two types of men in PW. Plaid and thermal.” -Smalper


  1. going great, crazy crowds
  2. HMs: be a fascist
  3. James will now require name of picker-uper on the Blue Room
  4. strike
    1. Heddatron should be there
    2. at 11 pm


  1. James will talk to Megan about stuff
  2. Helen is PM
  3. got the rights
  4. radio class for sound stuff?
  5. Luna maybe interested in ALDing, projection


  1. SMs: Miriam, Becca
  2. ALD: Angel
  3. talk to Tim’s class about LDing
  4. plays chosen, on website, directors due 9/22
    • director-choosing meeting 9/22 at 11pm in the BO
  5. Luna will design the poster

INTERJECTION (via GChat): “If you’re a robot and you know it clap your hands!” -KCoops


  1. can people apply as PW to the CAC before proposals are passed?
    • no, they may attach their proposals to their grants but cannot apply under our auspices
    • if they get the money, they should be committed to making it happen in any case
  2. James is taking Jared
  3. Leandro and Adam meeting with Becca
  4. Zack forwarding questions from Doug
    • rights money is not allotted by show
  5. Deepali has Sam, he is hard at work
  6. Megan has SPMcG


  1. pink floor coming up
  2. working on allotting that last week


  1. still worried about electricity


  1. Deepali and James will discuss dates, earlyish November


  1. Deepali
    • got hazardous waste trained
  2. Max
    • working on Bonas
    • Max and Sam gone next weekend
  3. Leandro
    • can paint lobby, not absurd color
    • we should buy a mop, Adam will do it
  4. Serge
    • scheduling work day? 10/3 at noon? Abby will check with MF
  5. James
    • mischief key needs to go in the safe for our access until we have a copy


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11 am

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