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HERE: Abby, Sam, Megan, Adam, Leandro, Max, Deepali, James

VISITING: Lauren (Judas), Jen

MISSING: Serge (Tech), Zack

ROSES: concrete steps toward secret goal, awesome cast, donuts, donuts, hoping that this isn’t as much of a shit show as expected, many package surprises on the way, successful housewarming party, pippin auditions, progressively awesome year, beautiful crescent moon, MCM100, liberal arts semester, exercising

THORNS: fight with mom, having a cold, CS15, no work because of donuts, light plot all night long and all wrong, rough weekend for suitemates, hung-over, lots of work, thorns about work, doing a show you don’t like, liberal arts semester, smoking pot


  1. seat count: 84
    • possibly building additional platforms?
  2. poster is done, really neat
  3. p.o. for printing, talk to Megan
  4. running 2:39 right now
  5. tonight is deadline for reserves
  6. James will do reserves, open blue room
  7. platforms tomorrow at 11
  8. house managers
    • fri 8 - James, Megan
    • sat 8 - Max, Sam, Zack
    • sun 4 - Leandro, Adam
    • sun 9 - Deepali, Abby
    • mon 8 - Serge


  1. cast!
  2. James will talk to Megan and Serge about mentoring
  3. sound design
    • James will e-mail Jon, Adam, check out sound design class
    • Sam will tentatively hot seat it
  4. looking for assistants
  5. Megan will ask Tim about projector specs


  1. adding her to the e-mail list!
  2. interested in writing plays!


  1. huge hole in wall of girls’ bathroom on first floor
  2. no electricity in the space or shop
    • Adam and Leandro meeting with Aly
  3. put in request for rattle-y door


  1. Abby and Zack met with Jess
  2. plays due on 9/17, directing applications due 9/22, auditions on 9/25 and 26
  3. play committee
    • James, Leandro, Abby, Zack, Adam
    • meeting at 5 pm in box office on this friday, 9/17
  4. Abby will talk to playwriting teachers
  5. making a FB event for playwrights & directors
  6. Abby will update 3C2C sections of the website
  7. James will update the front page


  1. have contacted buddies
  2. some maybes: Becca, Jared, Abby, Leandro, Ellen
  3. make some announcements


  1. lottery is done, ethically
  2. Sam will look into Meara/Chrissie: one or two projects?
  3. Pink Floor is coming up
    • really fucking pink
    • much board excitement
    • 9/21-24, 6 pm - 12 am
    • 9/25, 12 - 8 pm
    • no monitors


  1. Megan
    • even shitty ones are expensive
    • express is starting to act up, we should have it looked at
    • board should be covered, be mean, add to show packet
    • we should probably buy a new downspace board and move the current one upstairs
    • work day? while we have a dumpster?
    • Leandro will talk to Aly about lobby paint
  2. Abby
    • cleaned the box office
  3. James
    • publicity minimum? no, bozo will suggest and discuss poster
    • why wasn’t the upspace used this week?
    • when do upspace weeks switch over? Monday nights at 11 pm
  4. Deepali
    • paint brushes and rollers? supplied by the show
    • Deepali and Megan will put the hardener in the paint
  5. Leandro
    • homecoming? something chiller, more frequent schmoozing, Leandro will take charge


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11

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