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HERE: James, Leandro, Serge, Abby, Deepali, Adam, Megan, Max, Sam, Zach

VISITING: Lauren (Judas)

ROSES: finally fall weather, baked goods from grandmother (already eaten, is grandmom getting it on in the kitchen?), copious DJing gigs, awesome coffee and awesome yesterday and awesome IKEA hot dogs ($0.50 each), apple picking, dad coming for lunch, yesterday in the house was heaven, waking up early and getting stuff done, shelf behind bed, heat has broken, coffee, back in Lowry’s show

THORNS: mad a cappella group (discuss how to spell a cappella), loudest room on campus, getting shot down, no thorn x 2, so much laundry x 2, crashing wave of the bonus, fight with girlfriend, haven’t brushed teeth, corrupting the youth


  1. using herbal cigarettes
    • only regular lighters, limited as possible
    • must fireproof expanses of fabric, clothes, etc.
  2. seating plats on 9/13
    • about 80 actual seats
  3. working on publicity list
    • James will add BDH to list, they get a separate e-mail
  4. at about 2.5 hours with one intermission
  5. shows fri at 8, sat at 8, sun at 4 and 9, mon at 8
  6. all set with keys
  7. Serge will use tech list when hanging


  1. Max is the bozo! dejabozo!
  2. Megan will do rights on Tuesday
  3. still working on designer
    • maybe Jon? is he auditioning?
  4. invite your friends to the FB event
  5. projector
    • Megan will ask Tim about specs
  6. announce in classes


  1. improvements included in PWAQ
  2. wish list
  3. buy a jigsaw


  1. lottery on Wednesday
    • Lauren Neal, maybe Deepali
    • announce in classes
  2. Ria giving up this week, will e-mail rest of list


  1. water fountain fixed
  2. work order in for door
  3. sticks still in the green room
  4. rooms downstairs slowly being reopened


  1. discussion of dates
    • proposals still due 10/20, decision meeting 10/23
  2. possible proposals
    • Becca, Sean Patrick, Jared, Doug
  3. Megan will send out dates for next semester

INTERJECTION: “Brief shout-out to the Activities Fair!” -Sam


  1. producers
    • Abby and Zack
    • they should talk with Jess, seriously


  1. Deepali
    • please don’t call her Deepsie
  2. Abby
    • swears she will clean the box office
  3. Leandro
    • making sure rooms are in tip-top shape during Judas strike
  4. Zack
    • how to buy things for the first aid kits?
    • take money out of the safe, take ones please
    • get fabric band-aids, maybe buy in bulk?
  5. Serge
    • Bonas?
    • Drew’s mischief key? James will check
    • Serge will make a key inventory
  6. Megan
    • Deepali is scheduled for the other training next week
    • the paint room is a mess, it is Deepali’s, it needs to be fixed, maybe tomorrow morning?
    • Deepali will try to get some orange labels
    • couch needs to leave the furniture room


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11

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