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HERE: Max, Zack, Deepali, Adam, Serge, Sam, Leandro

MISSING: Abby, James, Megan

VISITING: Ari, Ellora

ROSES: the rest of last night, lots of work done, started a good-looking painting, great weekend, clean room kind of, unbelievable corn maze, beautiful night in Maine, Friday night (DONUTS ARE OWED), Halloween is a favorite holiday

THORNS: watching a play you don't like…, this weekend sucked, running here, symbolically messy house, sore elbow tendon, people think drag is weird apparently, anticipating stress and the ultimate graduation, Casper the friendly ghost, glove-worthy weather


  1. fully staffed and designed!
  2. auditions tomorrow and Tuesday
    • add to front page and e-mail
  3. slight frustration with publicity, but not worried


  1. seems like everything is going well, smooth sailing
  2. house managing
    • MF has 4 HMs total because of Pippin, etc.
    • F8 - Zack
    • S7 - Adam
    • S11 - Sam
    • U8 - Serge
    • M8 - Deepali


  1. Sam is the boxo for now, will shoot Keegan an e-mail, but might not ultimately be a bozo
  2. let’s ask for a set model the last meeting before winter break, have a nice chat


  1. Evan Smith relinquished, trying to get somebody to fill in
    • Serge will give Sam the list of people who didn’t get the space, Sam will try and replace
  2. Three Days of New Plays is Da Bomb


  1. leaves in the lobby
    • let’s sweep after the meeting
  2. we keep on getting e-mails about shit in the hallway, but none of it is ours
    • maybe we’ll just throw it out
  3. let’s make safety lists for our rooms!
    • come in next week with the list, otherwise we’ll just make them after the meeting


  1. donation through London’s Charitable Trust?
    • this is fine, it is what he has done in the past
  2. Max will e-mail him Monday, we should get it this week
    • add to the e-mail that applications will be accepted on a rolling basis a week from this Monday
    • installments of approximately $250 (is that a maximum? Max will check)


  1. everybody is meeting with their people
    • Leandro will pick up Conor Kane
  2. schmooze this THURSDAY at 11 PM
    • add this to the e-mail
    • Max will get boxed wine
    • Serge will get pizza
  3. applications due Nov. 10, meeting the following Saturday
    • room will be cool


  1. Adam
    • did we paint the floor? is it black? let’s schedule a time to do that (next strike!)
  2. Leandro
    • lazer tag: we need to declare war
    • we should set visions soon

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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