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HERE: Abby, Sam, Deepali, Zack, Serge, James, Max, Adam, Leandro


VISITING: Jared (Nunsense PM)

ROSES: done with crazy midterms and parents, Saturday night, able to sleep some more, The Sound, good weekend, dad in Rafael’s car, yesterday, chemical intoxication and sleeping, Jim Parsons, Manhattan Transfer, legitimate lab date

THORNS: MGFP, dry paper tonight, naps and still tired, shit to do, no Thanksgiving at home, tomorrow, anticlimactic night, Kaspar welding, two other labs


  1. paint cost?
    • Heddatron will contribute $50
  2. James is packing up the car here tomorrow at 10am


  1. please do not admit late arrivals during the first play
  2. let’s get a sign to put on doors for shows in the future
  3. waitlist at 15 minutes before curtain?
    • should be closer to curtain
    • shows should be starting 3-5 minutes late
    • give all tickets away at curtain time exactly
  4. strike
    • starting at 9:30pm
    • Max in the box office
    • Adam doing lights in the space
    • Megan running strike


  1. shows: F8, S7 and S11, U8, M8
  2. running 1 hour and 40 minutes
  3. inventory of lights?
    • Brette used them all for Heddatron, so she would know
    • we no longer have the Three Sisters practicals
  4. height of booth window from floor?
    • we don’t know, and we don’t want to know why
  5. can actors make the HM speech?
    • it’s MF speech anyways, so it’s up to them
  6. looking for ASMs and run crew
    • add to e-mail


  1. YAY!
  2. we need staff
    • SM: maybe Helen, Ellen, Becca, Safiyah, Jenny
    • LD: maybe Brette? Megan would switch to set
    • Sound: any ideas? Aaron? talk to Alex, the class
    • TD: Becca? Ria? guy from Nunsense?
    • Set: Adam will ask class, Serge would mentor
    • Miriam doing publicity
  3. auditions
    • James and Abby casting with Sam
    • Monday and Tuesday of next week
  4. Serge is the bozo


  1. Megan: let Max know AS SOON AS the grant is received
    • we’ll announce it as soon as this happens
    • so excited about this, so grateful
  2. need a committee
    • Max, Abby, Zack


  1. coming up soon, put on front page
  2. brief check-in about applicants


  1. Deepali’s festival is this week
    • going to be awesome
    • board members involved and covering as monitors
    • borrowing some chairs
    • MF and Department both have music stands
  2. only one submission per project allowed


  1. costumes smells really, really bad
  2. Adam possibly improved the chair racks
  3. Megan is supposed to be looking into cost of repairing downstairs light board


  1. need to decide on project
    • we should have a board-wide, separate meeting for this
  2. demographics
    • board alumni and parents
    • department alumni?


  1. James
    • some things maybe for now and maybe for Visions
    • proposals with meetings/design/spaces (postponing to Visions)
    • maybe we should resend proposal to director midway through process? yes
    • James is looking into why there isn’t wireless in TFG
    • Abby and James are out next week
    • Deepali will take the minutes in James’ absence
  2. Zack
    • can Pippin audition for The Sound? no
  3. Leandro
    • lazer tag, Abby should get on this
    • MF contract (postponing to Visions)


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11am

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