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HERE: Abby, Sam, James, Serge, Deepali, Megan, Adam, Leandro, Zack


VISITING: Sean Patrick, Helen (Heddatron PM)

ROSES: blank room mustache criticizing dream, generally positive outlook on life, marcel the shell, performing with old comedy partner, dad here, Heddatron, this bagel, frozen Dr. Pepper mixed drinks, otherwise things are fine, work done on musical

THORNS: can’t do what you want to do with your body, don’t know who you are, lots of things to do, Russia, java, economics department, drunk expensive headphones, girl upstairs singing nonstop, bad headaches in bed, parents ignoring phone conversations


  1. it’s happening
  2. check in with James on house count
  3. photo call tomorrow, filming tonight
  4. strike jobs
    • Megan will be running it
    • starting at 9:45
    • Abby will make sure 3c2c gets the message
    • electrics: Leandro
    • hot room: Sam
    • floating/electronics: James
    • trash electronics go upstage right behind 3c2c duv
    • Adam will do pizza


  1. chairs facing away from booth
  2. someone should chat with Laura about ALDs
  3. hanging duv and lights tomorrow after strike
  4. house managers
    • F8 - Sam, Zack
    • S8 - Leandro, Serge
    • U2 - Megan, James
    • U8 - Deepali, Abby
    • M8 - Max, Adam


  1. discussion of proposals
    • due Wednesday at 5pm
  2. put heads-up about auditions in the e-mail
  3. no need to make separate calendar for each potential slot, one will do
  4. quick reminder to use new slot numbering
  5. Abby will work on rights tomorrow


  1. discussion of applicants
  2. schmooze coming up on Nov. 3


  1. dates for next semester set and online
  2. first four up for lottery on Nov. 17
  3. upspacers cannot re-lease the space, they should come to us
  4. Sam will get on reassigning the vacated week
  5. Jess didn’t strike the stuff, it will happen today at work day


  1. calling about the door
  2. safe giving us trouble
    • James will look into the cost of a new safe
    • brief discussion of money strategies, we will continue as usual
  3. no electricity in the downspace
    • James called, they’ll be here tomorrow


  1. Deepali’s having trouble getting in contact
    • probably she should just go into the office
  2. project choice
    • seating plats? how old are they?
  3. subcommittee meeting
    • Wednesday at 9:30am at Deepali’s house


  1. Abby
    • hooray furniture donation from aunt
  2. Zack
    • working with Megan on the PWAQ
  3. Deepali
    • paint idea that was already the plan
    • we should have better paint labeling and dating
  4. Megan
    • safety meeting Tuesday 4-5pm
  5. Leandro
    • we should start planning laser tag
    • Abby will draft the declaration of war
    • week of December 5


  1. Serge is in electrics with two helpers
    • disposing broken Fresnels
    • storing broken source-4s in the corner
    • condensing gels into one container
    • fixing cables on ground in downspace
  2. in other rooms, condensing and cleaning
  3. Abby is in props with two helpers
  4. Deepali is in paint room with two helpers
  5. Megan and Sam in the upspace booth with two helpers
  6. James is in the hot room with two helpers
  7. Adam is in the shop with three helpers
  8. Leandro is in the downspace booth and utilities room with one helper
  9. Zack is floating


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11pm

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