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HERE: James, Abby, Deepali, Adam, Leandro, Megan, Serge, Max, Zack


VISITING: Helen (Heddatron PM)

ROSES: surprising happy fun long weekend, Johnny Cash, Heddatron is this week, New York, huge box of apples, pake (pie-cake), clean room, well-fitting shoes, nice being an actual student

THORNS: midterms, robots, Brown Health Services, scifi house guest, bad posture, still sick, bus ride back, no work done, not being good at econ


  1. box rigging and projector
    • tonight
  2. seating plats
    • tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11pm
  3. chairs
    • Thursday at 4pm
  4. house managers
    • Fri. 8 - Max, Adam
    • Sat. 7 - Megan, Leandro
    • Sat. 10 - Sam
    • Sun. 8 - Serge, Zack
    • Mon. 8 - Deepali


  1. schedule
    • set-up plats/duv and hang on Monday night after strike
    • tech on Tuesday (and Wednesday?)
    • run everything on Thursday (and Wednesday?)
    • shows every night at 8, Sun. 2 and 8
  2. lighting designer
    • Laura Leddy


  1. discussion of proposals
  2. old proposals
    • James will post his
    • Megan will ask past directors about this
  3. graduate students
    • clarified policy: proposals will only be accepted if an undergraduate is involved in one of the key artistic positions and in the proposal writing process
  4. rights
    • Abby will work on it this week


  1. possible open week? Serge will look into it
  2. need a lottery deadline for first half of spring semester
    • Sam and Serge will set it soon
  3. Jess did not use her week
    • lame-o
    • she still needs to strike the space, nonetheless

INTERJECTION: “Okay, Spouse Maintenance:” -Max & Freud


  1. door
  2. Aly looking into the flooding, smelly room
  3. work day
    • this Sunday, 12-5pm (new time)
    • Adam, Megan, Leandro spear-heading plans
    • Abby will remind MF, tell them of updated times


  1. schedule
    • schmooze: Nov. 3 at 10pm
    • deadline: Nov. 10 at 5pm
    • meeting: Nov. 13 at 9am


  1. Megan
    • needs to meet with Zach about PWAQ
  2. Leandro
    • we should think about having a Visions Meeting
    • same old argument about whether to have meeting before or after new mems
  3. Deepali
    • e-mailed Rob about fundraising, but he might have left Brown?
    • she will call tomorrow and find someone new
  4. Serge
    • Bonas? happening this year, forming a grant committee soon
  5. James
    • submitting minutes from Fundraising Subcommittee


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11

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