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HERE: Max, Deepali, James, Sam, Megan, Abby, Leandro, Adam

VISITING: Helen (Heddatron PM)

MISSING: Serge, Zack

ROSES: The Social Network, good weekend, finished last week’s work, going home next weekend for nieces’ birthday party, saw tallest man on earth, Leah Cogan, this weekend, Not on Broadway… Yet, apple themed day, nice weekend, just surviving

THORNS: a little bit sick, did no work, strike, Alice vs. Wonderland (the worst play in the world), last night, missing bench, sick, volunteering but not being used, increasingly lame interactions with boys, little bit of morning sadness, this past week of contrastive suck


  1. building, hanging, making robots
  2. push operators
  3. help this afternoon is possible, starting at 1pm


  1. using wiki page to coordinate
  2. check in with proposers, everyone has one
  3. James, Max happy to help read
  4. rights
    • Abby will do them
  5. Zach and Deepali out by 2pm on decision meeting day
  6. have copies of script this week
    • post them on the wiki


  1. happening, rehearsing
  2. still no LD
    • Deepali will ask Tim’s class on Tuesday at 1pm in the Cave
  3. Max will talk to Luna about the poster


  1. Jillian’s show happened
    • sold out in three minutes
  2. Jess is next
    • can keep some lights upstairs, hand off keys


  1. stole the pink bench
  2. EHS
    • figuring out the paint room
    • consolidating, cleaning, disposing of paint
    • fixing cable insulation on work day (Megan needs to get cable splicers)
    • throw away unusable tools in shop
  3. weapons
    • locked in the hot room after rehearsal


  1. James
    • reminder to keep schedules open for new mems
    • fundraising plan together by 11/1, subcommittee meeting Wednesday, 10/6, at 9:30am at Deepali’s house
    • pwaq needs to happen in the next month, Megan will talk to Zack


NEXT MEETING: Monday at 11pm

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