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ROSES: Pippin, Shakespeare festival done, espresso flavored vodka, for comfortable sweatpants, finished writing a short movie, I am silly, PW-centric (therefore good) week, keys!, Acela express home tomorrow at 6!, Lin surprise visit!, awesome birthday weekend, watching Pippin

THORNS: the day ahead (strike hang circuit yay!), Shakespeare ball ran LATE, no thorn, the kids could be classier, short movie sucks, not prepared for the day, way too much work, Portuguese workbook, not enough time today, Lin makes things unproductive, fortune cookie said “You can’t build a reputation on things you plan to do” and it rang weirdly true, going back home



  1. going well
    • set is partly up and looks great
    • good rehearsals, working transitions
  2. majority of run crew is put together, magic is looking good
  3. Thanksgiving will make things difficult but all will be well
  4. we have walls
  5. seating plats: Tuesday after Thanksgiving


  1. set model: why?
    • for us to see what’s being planned (James, in absentia, thinks a Little Red Riding Hood joke would have been appropriate right about here)
    • but some people don’t bring models, which is why it can be sketches or models
    • we will encourage a model but accept sketches
  2. Keegan had some questions about getting into the space
    • they were answered
  3. Closer is holding auditions at the same time
    • they are coordinating: they put up callback lists together, they will figure out overlaps


  1. not much to say at this point
  2. stage manager can’t be at his auditions
    • Leandro said he would be there
  3. no casting board, just him
  4. Kyra Sedgwick (what?)


  1. new season ft. Bitches in the Upspace, weekend of readings by Zach Rufa, Meara, Doug Each presents Hamlet for One
  2. need to stress that we still want people to apply for the second half of the semester
  3. nine applicants for four slots for this first half


  1. also soon! wowie zowie!
  2. Megan: will you look at the calendar and make sure it’s all set?


  1. no money yet, but feel free to give it out
  2. still looking for applications for this semester
    • we can let projects happening early next semester apply now
    • Max will change the wording on the website


  1. next week’s meeting: Monday at 11pm
  2. Leandro
    • Visions: Sunday the 5th at 10am
  3. Lazer Tag: December 9th, need to make reservations, decide where we’re going, e-mail MF, form subcommittee
  4. Secret Santa
    • December 14th, drew names

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Monday at 11pm

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