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HERE: Serge, Deepali, Abby, Jess, Drew, Megan, Leandro, Daria, Adam, James, Oona
MISSING: Max, Lily, Zach
VISITING: Lauren Tucker (TLDOJI), Gabe (Madoff)

ROSES: Rhode Island Hot Wieners at the Eastside creamery, seeing nieces, finishing school, no more moving, last meal at the ratty, apartment for next year, one b and all a’s, camp brown is really fun, nothing to do, not having anything to do, the west wing and starting at the very beginning a very good place to start, Gallery

THORNS: Madoff and also Capture the Mammoth, keys stuff, moving with a shopping cart, feeling shitty, the whole “graduating” thing, stuff to figure out, cue lab for madoff, bathing suit is not navy, dream about making a ton of grilled cheese sandwiches at thanksgiving, crazy cat lady professor is a thorn, stupid fucking bracelet

INTERJECTION: That’s too bad. –A.C.


  1. poster will be printed tomorrow
    • sparingly putting them up tomorrow: lyman, pw, non-brown locations
  2. seating plats TOMORROW AT 5PM
  3. everything else is smooth like butta
  4. tickets: reserves are done
  5. House Managers
    • Wed at 8: Zach, Serge
    • Thus at 4: Abby, Leandro
    • Thurs 8: Deeps, Max
    • Friday 4: James, Wyron
    • Saturday 8: Megan
  6. strike is 9:30 ON SATURDAY. EVERYBODY COME.


  1. if they’re around and they can come to strike then YES PLEASE
  2. is Helen going to get keys at strike?
    • no, but they’re back on the 23rd and they want to build before that
    • megan and jess will be around over the summer, if people need keys they can contact us
    • card access says the same
  3. early housing is expensive and may happen but also might not: they will email deeps about it if necessary
  4. they have a TD! Jay danver!


  1. need same positions as he needed last week

INTERJECTION: Can we steal the show? –M.E.
We always steal the show. -O.C.


  1. more hazardous waste sheets for the paint room
  2. door to the upspace porch is unlocked
  3. water fountain is kinda broke


  1. lady hasn’t contacted us yet
    • they’re working on it
    • we have till june 20th
  2. meg and jess will talk about scheduling


  1. megan loves us
  2. leandro needs a place to store his fridge: no problem
  3. we can’t message all the mammoth guests on fbook
    • remind all friends to email the signup
    • team picking
  4. we need an RCA to 8th inch cable


  1. show at 8 on Wednesday
  2. drew will buy beer and wine
    • get nice boxes not franzia
  3. james can talk to madoff about not being in the upspace
  4. abby got candles!
    • we will all be here at 4:30 for setup
  5. there is no more prom style party because we didn’t get a liquor license
    • bada bing, no more party
    • we will all have a post campus-dance experience together
    • it will be lovely


  1. we never made a rogue email list
  2. james is making a google doc
    • we should all go on and put the email of all the alumni we know
    • then we email them and ask for more emails
      • like pay it forward, except backwards and for us.


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