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Mom’s Birthday.

HERE: Daria, Serge, Adam, Oona, Max, Jess, Abby, Megan, Deepali, Lily, James
MISSING: Drew???
VISITING: Rose (docu)

ROSES: The Wave, hanging lights, haven’t had coffee in a week, finishing college! New Haven for two nights and thus cigar smoking, ice cream, things are getting done and good mood, done for a few days, noodles 102, better bullshitting and including The Wire, done with work, almost done, 1293 words from summer, last night
THORNS: Mixed signals, External harddrive and documentary crashed, people are leaving already, haven’t had a French press in a week, not dealing with logistics, existential state of now, 24 hour schedule doesn’t work, money, ex-boyfriend is being stupid, mediocreness, might not go home between now and Commencement, forgetting about meetings, last night, sleep patterns are fucked

INTERJECTION: Alex Kryger: Do you have to bring a cake because you made out with a relative or something?


  1. everything seems to be going pretty well
  2. difficulty of getting a projector
    • Media Services is done with renting out for the semester
    • Max: “email Alex Spoto, tell him I sent you, see what happens”
    • Leandro will ask friend, etc.
  3. things seem to be going on schedule
  4. Design Run today 5:30-7
  5. Tech is Thursday
  6. Gabe will check rehearsal schedule, tell James a good time for seating plats and he will email us
  7. poster within the next 3 days
    • we will help because it’s commencement


  1. cast!
  2. Lauren Tucker is now the PM
  3. housing from Reslife, Deeps will figure that out
  4. Deeps will give the cast a headsup about being at strike


  1. designers to the email (has staff)
    • also need a TD


  1. Deeps and Megan are doing Visions meeting history together
  2. synthesize the story into the State of the Union, don’t read it separately
  3. Abby will order a bag of tealights
  4. Oons printed pictures
    • she wants frames for them, we will pay
  5. We are all making food and such if we choose
  6. we will let Rose know if we want to play the documentary
  7. Drew’s doing alcohol
  8. check the minutes from last week for jobs you have/may not want
  9. Friday: we’re gonna make the space all pretty. Jess will spearhead entryway beautification, people can come and deal with their rooms, etc.


  1. 90’s cover band is having a concert on Wednesday at 11:30pm
  2. Oons will be here to let them in, etc.
  3. they have a setlist, Serge can ask them about length
  4. James will monitor


  1. this Wednesday at 2pm
  2. we can use Oona’s grill
    • probably needs transportation
  3. meat, buns, cheese, 2 thirty racks of PBR
    • Jess will go foodshopping
    • she’ll email a time


  1. two breakers in the shop tripped
  2. phone outside was dial toning
    • but now maybe not?


  1. MF BBQ, do something friendly before destruction :)
    • they’re inviting us to a BBQ! Fun friendtimes!
  2. come up with a budget and give it to us
    • email us with the list as it expands
  3. TB contract exists, we will sign it
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