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MEETING 5/2/10


Here: Deepali, Abby, Daria, Oona, Lily, Drew, Jess, Serge, Megan, Leandro, James (late)
Missing: Max, Zack, Adam Visiting: Rose (documentary)

ROSES: New Haven, ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!, made nice food for people, cruise control, Megan helped with the docu, James got passed woohooo, Attitude dance show, boys in the backyard looking for a party, slept last night in bed, sunlight, dancing yesterday and the satisfaction of a great rhyme, brown folk festival, camped out in backyard
THORNS: Rose is filming, paperass, paperass plus cold, getting an upset email from MF, last night, no thorns, paper for 124, still so much to do, work/money/girls, fucking buffalo bill, Edwin Forrest, bufallo bill



  1. Strike tomorrow at 10:45
  2. normal jobs
    • if Daria isn’t there Deeps will do props


  1. Gabe didn’t come
  2. housing is due!
    • BOARD MEMBERS who want to stay for Commencement: email Leandro with your Brown ID number, full name and current living situation
  3. they’re rehearsing, they have a production meeting
  4. they will talk to James about cigarettes (or, James will talk to them)


  1. Schedule of Party Events:
    • Shmooze
    • Presentation/Pw’s State of the Union Address
    • Dramatization of The Story- Max can you write this? It’s low key
    • Votive Candle holders- Jess will research, Daria will spearhead
    • Light the Flame
    • Light the 50 Shots
    • Drink the 50 Shots
    • Eat Cake and food items provided by us
    • Tours of the space
    • See Madoff play!
    • Prom in the evening
  2. Things That Need to Get Done:
    • looking at old Vision Meeting minutes
    • Jess will email Allison and Justin about old Vision Mtg. minutes
    • Megan will do Presentation and the seniors will help with content
    • Max will write the Story Dramatization
    • we want to do a Re-nish every year, where alums can come back on Thursday evening, tour the space, hang out and have a little shmooze


  1. Last Days of Judas Iscariot
  2. We have to talk to Lowry about auditions
  3. Deeps is Bozo!
    • She will talk to Lowry about auditions scheduling
    • She also needs to talk to folks about coming back early, doing shit with Reslife


  1. Upspace: deadline is this Wednesday for the first half of Fall lottery
    • Four slots in this go-round
    • dates ranked in preference and a little paragraph about their project
  1. couches back in the upspace tomorrow during strike
  1. Lily and Jess need money from Drew tomorrow during strike
  1. painting something
  1. The Abbey Theater’s search for branding
    • Finding a recognizable image that can be used for all publicity materials
    • Creating a baseline poster that can be built off of with images, etc
      • Increases name recognition, builds visibility on campus
    • Yes. We love this idea. Megan will make some possible templates.
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