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Here: Jess, Deeps, Oons, Lily, Daria, Drew, Serge, Paul Meier!
Missing: Max, Megan
Visiting: Carolyn (MF), Andrew Oates, Gabe (Madoff)

Roses and Thorns: Jess missed them, because she is officially the worst secretary PW has or possibly ever will see. She is borderline retarded.


  1. All is well
  2. No guns, no smoke, no nothing

WEBSITE (Andrew and Paul)

  1. Andrew
    1. CONS:
      1. If Student Life wants to work with us to install everything on their web server, then we wouldn’t have to rewrite the whole website
        • CIS is traditionally for more static groups, because we’ve been here forever, and we needed box office and wiki stuff
      2. We would lose control over the administration of the server: blessing and a curse. Most small companies don’t have root access on their server
        • however they can sometimes be a jerk, and possibly institute caps on bandwidth or storage space
      3. we can install and run what we want when we want it, and since we’re not paying the University they aren’t obligated to take care of it
    2. PROS:
      1. we wouldn’t have to deal with the hardware anymore
      2. the fact that it’s Student Life makes it a little easier to get on board with
  2. Paul
    • echoes Andrew
    • mission to maintain our own server is kinda rad
    • CIS knows that our password policy sucks
  3. THE QUESTION IS POSED: Who’s going to maintain our server? Technically speaking. (harharhar)
    • Paul and Andrew will help us out with software itself until they die or are otherwise incapacitated. They are glorious and we love them.
    • The only issue is if the server goes down over break, and nobody can reboot it.
  4. BOTTOM LINE: We are intrigued but, as always with the Man, we trust no one. Thanks and joy.


  1. it’s going good
  2. cast list goes up tonight!
  3. staff: still looking for Costumes
    • Lily will send a list of costume people
  4. schedule is open Wed. May 26th
    • run Wed, Thurs, Fri and two shows Sat.


  1. dropped Set Designer and got a new one! Yay Rose Curley.
  2. cast! yay!
  3. no sound designer, except then of course Andrew and Paul step up because GOD BLESS THEM


  1. strike is at 11, put more people in the upspace
  2. leave lights up in the Downspace for Wed.
  3. house managerial email from James tells us everything we need to know


  1. was bomb
  2. we made 400 bucks!


  1. nothing until we get back from break

[Minutes closed.]

INTERJECTION: PW. You bring it, we’ll roll it.


  1. Sam Allen was storing lots of beer in our fridge
    1. Jess left the BO open, which we cannot do
  2. MF in the Upspace will be a bit of an issue with the 50th \
  1. schedule workday with MF
  2. it will be difficult b/c of schedules
  3. Alumni guy is being a jerk
  1. RISD has Morning Mail-ish thing called “Word Out”
  2. can we put our shows in it?
  3. in the fall, we can entice them
  4. they also have Activities Fair
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