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Here: Everyone ish
Missing: Deepali

Roses: life, haircuts and shaving, conversations, weekend, Chekhov, alpaca
Thorns: weather, Lulus over, work work, nail guns, morning times, work


  1. strike tomorrow
  2. normal strike jobs
    • Oons: electrics in the space
    • James: Green Room
    • Leandro and Jess: Box Office
  3. Three Sisters will strike furniture, Bbrokes will put everything up
  4. let’s thank people in the email for being great about the tickets thinger
  5. let’s talk about presents for DPS next week


  1. Brownbrokers wanted to put tickets on MF website
    • they don’t have a Bozo, thats on us
    • they’re ok with putting reserves on the Blueroom
  2. Bbrokes shouldn’t need house managers, we get that
  3. Thought they got to keep from the Karma Box
    • we don’t get that, we give them the space so we keep the karma
    • not Bbrokes slot, just WITS
  4. Drew will explain the money sitch, Oona is now the BoZo
  5. House Managers
    • FRIDAY 7: Drew, James, Serge
    • FRIDAY 9:30: Drew, James, Serge
    • SUNDAY 7: Megan, Oona, Leandro
    • SUNDAY 9:30: Megan, Oona, Leandro
    • MONDAY 7: Jess, Lily, Max
    • MONDAY 9:30: Jess, Lily, Max
  6. MF Cabaret gets to keep money from their hat for their Cabaret show, Jess will be in it so you should come, it’s at 12 on Friday I think


  1. Helen Diagama is interested in doing lights yayy
    • Oons can maybe mentor
  2. Cecilia Sasama is interested in set
    • People still need to ask Sean the RISD kid
    • Rose Curley possibly for set, she’s a RISD also
  3. INTERJECTION: Let’s put getting RISD kids in the deal on the Visions agenda
  4. We have lots of assistants, YAY!
  5. Matt Reiss will possibly want to TD, but experience is an issue
    • Meg will mentor


  1. James will meet with the PM and also be the Bozo
    • he will do nice things with the wiki


  1. Drew will get the liquor and entertainment licenses and meet with Alli
    • James knows how to do this now yay
  2. We usually spend 100 ish dollars on decorations
    • MeganOonaLily trifecta is heading decorations
  3. Jon Gordon is DJing, he should be set up by 10
    • DJ Flash Gordon
  4. Max and Drew will get beverages and foods this week
  5. Lily will make facebook event, $3 door $1 drinks
  6. Start at 10:30, alcohol ends at 1, etc.
  7. Jobs:
    • Bartenders- McGarty and Tim want to bartend
    • Door guards
    • Tickets and money
    • Roving
  8. Drew will assign jobs over email, but here are preferences


  1. 10 am morning of prom
  2. Right after Visions we will all come over and set up for Prom


  1. table the talk till next week


  1. start talking to the folks
  2. talk to Adria and Dylan
  3. Decision Mtg is May 1st
  4. let’s be aware of this before spring break
  5. proposals are due April 28th
  6. no Sat. meetings in April


  1. this Tuesday
  2. all is smooth
  3. thing at 4:30 and 8:30, MMF has no beef
  4. Oona will send a fbook message to the invitees
  5. so far they need no setup, but yeah
  6. Max will print flyers from the Becker and stick them in Lyman


  1. the monitors are gorgeous, thank you Drew and Leandro
  2. we bought a new microphone
  3. lets spend 175 dollars to get the upspace wired to the system!!
  4. this is huge!


  1. Paul is coming to the meeting next week
  2. Do we want to move our website to the new Student Life server?
    • it would take about 6 months
    • we’d still have our server during that period
    • Andrew Oates is unhappy about it and scared of technological compatibility
    • we don’t have any serious CS people these days, we probs shouldn’t be administering our own server
    • if it turns out that the Student Life server isn’t compatible, then we just keep ours
    • let’s pursue it and see what works, and then talk to MF about stuff


  1. Megan will make a lovely graphic of the invite
  2. We get a link to the PWAQ and the Alumni Office will send it out in the form email
  3. We can’t go in Commencement literature, but we will carry on
  1. professionalism in communication
  2. let’s be nice
  1. we need a new Sound computer
  2. has to be dedicated to sound, and probably an Apple

*Leandro will babysit it

  1. can we accept a donation computer if the processor is fast enough?
  2. Leandro and Drew will research
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