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Here: Deepali, Jess, Oona, Drew, Lily, Megan, Daria, James, Leandro, Serge
Missing: No one!
Visiting: Aaron (MMF), Ellen (for funsies)

Roses: PUPPIES and Lulu, Concert last night, crazy viscerallness of Lulu, owing donuts!, yesterday, George’s (except NOT), good weekend, the Snuggery, gorgeous outside, Third Slot yay, got stuff done (but then was late?), film crew coming to see Lulu

Thorns: None, can’t remember Serge I apologize, didn’t sleep much this week, systematically depriving of sleep, week ahead sort of, no food in the house, hating on matinees, a lot to do this week, Africanist Weekend, computer won’t turn on, not enough hours in the day.


  1. crew of 60 will help strike 3 sissies!
    • want to leave up most of the lights
    • reconfigure the seating platforms for 3c2c
  2. Tuesday: each show gets an hour to tech (7-1)
  3. Wednesday: hopefully until 11, but maybe till 12
  4. Shows: 7 and 9:30 on Friday, Sunday and Monday
    • 11 on Friday is the MF Cabaret, over by 1
  5. woohoo


  1. tech is in 45 minutes, party
  2. Drew will break the news to the cast about ticket reserves
  3. House Managers:
    • Thurs at 8: Oona, Serge
    • Fri at 8: Megan, Deepali, Oona
    • Sat at 8: Deepali
    • Sun at 2: Daria
    • Sun at 8: James, Leandro
    • Mon: Drew, James, Leandro
  4. Drew will find extra HM’s and email the board
  5. Line one group up against the photos and the other side
    • Deepali will makes signs that say: Brown ID Holders, General Public


  1. James and Drew are going to City Hall at 9am for the liquor license permit
  2. Drew registered it with the SAO
  3. Decorations Committee
    • Oona and Megan will head decorations
    • Lily will assist
  4. Jon will DJ, Max will ask him
  5. Max will go with Drew to get alkie
  6. $3 door $1 drinks
  7. PW themed!
  8. Visions is that morning, woohoooooo
    • Oona’s house, 10-1
  9. Deeps will be here!


  1. We want to have New Mems in the CHANDELIER ROOM
    • we are officially fancy
  2. 8:55 in JWW, James will let us know

INTERJECTION: “It’s like a fishbowl in there” -OC
“So I’m just gonna mime all my opinions” -DG


  1. Woohoo!
  2. Daria will decide about keeping people during SB
  3. Staff
    • Lights and Set and TD
    • maybe Ariel Schecter and Sean kid who goes to RISD?
      • people in the design class will look into it
    • Leandro will talk to Matt Reiss about TD
      • Megan can mentor if necessary
    • look into James Hart
    • ask Olivia Chi
  4. BoZO: Serge


  1. Alex Kruckman cleaned and is a doll
    • Serge will get the key back
  2. Serge will email the days that aren’t taken by weeks to Max
  3. HPI workshop is a week from Tuesday
    • 4:30 and 8:30
    • Oona will email Aaron and tell him that the Upspace is gone during MMF
  4. Patrick Martin Tuite
    • James told him to email Drew, he needs to


  1. Lily has something on Thursday in NYC
  2. BBrokes has a schedule already
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