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Present: Daria, Serge, Max!, Jess, Megan, James, Leandro, Drew, Oona, Deepali, Lily
Missing: Justin (miss you), Sam (you too)
Visiting: Jillian (WUD)

Roses: Newsies, Things are getting better all the time, DREW IS DOING TFA!!, Being back/Lots of thesis work, Gatz, Being back and knowing classes, When people LISTEN when I talk and also back, Being back!, Not shopping classes, Back at PW, Fresh start, TV on the Internet and also really good break!

Thorns: Mice, Shopping classes, Lack of thesis work, No idea what life will bring, Didn’t watch Newsies, Haven’t fully unpacked, Dirt poor, Technology is a conspiracy, Cooking for yourself, Saying goodbye to the GF who is abroad, Not mentally prepared for class, Missed Teen Mom season finale because Drew said the meeting was earlier.

INTERJECTION: “Spencer Golub directing is like narrating American Psycho.” -JAF


  1. it’s going very well!
  2. Run of Act I and Act II is almost fully blocked
    • Run on Thursday at 8pm w/Production Meeting to follow
  3. Drew is the Bozo
  4. Dry tech will probably be on a Friday, wet on a Sunday
  5. Opens on Friday Feb. 12th!
  6. Seating platforms outline due the Sunday before tech weekend
  7. Oons won’t be here for 1st slot strike WHOOPS


  1. Drew is apparently PMing
  2. Lily has made herself the Bozo, which is not working
    • Serge should be the Bozo
  3. Morgan wants to have auditions next weekend, 5-6th
    • Friday and Saturday auditions, callbacks on Sunday
  4. Morgan has a class with screenings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    • wants to have rehearsal all weekend as opposed to Saturdays off
    • this has happened before, but we’d rather be consistent with rehearsal times
  5. Daria is the new Bozo!!
    • she will talk to him about Sat. rehearsal
  6. Crew:
    • PM: Drew
    • Set: Sam Allan
    • TD: Adam Wyron
    • SM: Abby Collela
    • ASM: Sakina
    • Sound: Caleb Townsend
    • Costumes: Nobody, he should ask Nika Taubinsky
    • Lights: Oona
  7. Props!! and Assistants in email

INTERJECTION: MTV has a new show called “Wise Latinas.”


  1. Oona speaks:
    1. we have the Illusionist coming for a Master Class in the Upspace
    2. HPI is a similar deal
    3. workshop for physical theater, sort of a plug for the Institute but also a really good dance/movement workshop
      • we can have workshops when the Downspace show is going so we don’t interfere with the lottery
      • what are we if not a place to learn how to make stuff!
      • we really can’t take weeks away from the lottery
    4. also a way to publicize for PW, new people in our space!
    5. we can make it a Wizards thing
      • aware of setup and monitoring
      • always facilitated by PW 
      • have a similar contract for guest artists
    6. Publicity
      • if they provide them, we will put them up
      • except that we are not very good about posters
      • this is a larger black hole discussion, we move on
    7. TECHNICALLY, we need to tell the University if we bring in an outside group
      • so lets just tell them that we’re bringing some people in, they’ll do a little research and then not care
    8. Megan and Oona will spearhead Guest Artist Initiative (INTERJECTION: “It spells Gay!!!” -Megan)
    9. Illusionist is March 12th
    10. We need to set a date with HPI
      • It can be during WITS or Third Slot



  1. Max loves it, it benefits undergrads
  2. Fun weekend-esque thinger
  3. Similarly can be during a slot 
    • Whichever HPI doesn’t take, MFA playwrights get


  1. Spring: Third and Commencement slots
    • more people will propose for specific slots
  2. WITS proposals 
    • goes up March 19th
    • proposals will be due Feb. 17th
    • meeting is that weekend, whoevers around will be on the committee
  3. Spring proposals are due March 3rd
    • Decision meeting is Sat. after (6th)


  1. it keeps fucking up
  2. Drew has an external hard drive that he can donate for back up
  3. Drew’s dad can hopefully get us a new server!
    • and then come down and teach Serge the ways of technology!


  1. Lottery is next Friday, Feb. 5th
    • Proposals are due then!
  2. Serge needs an assistant, James will do it


  1. Drew needs to look up if Bonas gave us a grant
    • Max will email Bonas.  Now.


Alumni Party
  1. Daria will figure out things
  2. Tentative 3pm on Friday in Upspace meeting
  3. We have a list of past board members
    • On the listserve is former board members email addresses
  1. needs specialties for the PWAQ
  2. thinking about doing TheaterBridge
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