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Here: Jessica, Max, Deepali, Daria, James, Lily, Leandro, Megan
Missing: Drew, Serge, Oona

Roses: film, love train rides, seminar project pushed back, met a dog exactly like your dog, people are smiling, Prom was really fun, things make sense a little bit, felt crappy but ended up great

Thorns: actual bruising, Philly trip postponed, not enough sleep, nothing exciting happening, want to embrace the day and just can’t, shouldn’t have gone to Senior Prom, hate classes, 5 classes

INTERJECTION: What are you doing in Philly, James? -MP He’s dating Katherine Cooper. -ME


  1. its going good
  2. we have a design run today
  3. should we consider GHM?
    • yes, we should, Daria will ask for somebody from SAO
  4. Publicity
    • Drew has Mateo on the poster
    • Lily will do the Fbook event
    • In general, we can ask the PM to do publicity as part of their job


  1. Bbrokes is psyched
  2. Auditions are now
  3. Set up is same orientation as 3 Sissies
    • Woot
  4. Also, Starfuck has moved. Sound horns.


  • Sywack: Deepali
  • Bleckner: Deeps and Jess
  • Colella: Megan
  • Bellot: Serge
  • Lubin: Oona
  • Combs: Lily
  • Daria: Drew


  1. Iona is doing good things
    • all is going well


  1. space is here, it is fine
  2. Noel Salzman wanting the space for the summer
    • Jess will get the story


  1. Buddies
    • Becca Title: Jessica
    • Ellie Sywack: Daria
    • Abby Colella: Leandro
    • Zach Segal: Deeps
  2. invite people to the schmooze (!!)


  1. we’ve passed the evil test of Alumni Hall
  2. but we can’t send the paperless invite
    • we can include it as an attachment
    • Daria will draft the email
  3. PWAQ needs to be on a website, James


  1. Daria’s looking at the contract
    • Max will ask Sophie if anything should be changed
  2. Max and Megan will probably do it, they will report back


  1. Grad Student playtime? What weekend
    • Talk to Serge, just need 5 hours in the upspace
  1. Little Directors?
  2. Again, Serge needs to repull for the week. Unless we decide to do this. In which case we co-opt the week
    • We have done it for the past 3 years (ish) but a lot of us are not sure we can give the time. Should we continue a tradition that is cool for directors even if we’re going to be mediocre about it? And the weekend is not great timing?
    • We don’t think it should happen. The week is bad, none of us seem pumped to run it, it’s too big of a job for James, etc.
      • If you REALLY WANT us to do this, speak now or forever hold your peace. Otherwise Serge, pick a name.
  1. BOP might not even want the furniture
    • But if they do, Deeps has the contract.
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