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Here: Lily, Jess, Oona, Megan, Daria, Leandro, James, Serge, Drew, Deepali, Max (LATE. BOOS AND HISSES)
Missing: No-one!

Roses: Godiva, tonight, having a car in the rain, Heart, no longer sick, one day school week, anonymous valentine, Keys moved on in the competish, two weeks away from shaving again, good weekend

Thorns: being cold, wet pants, hungover, everything to do and also Phonatic, everything for the week, eating too much, singing same song over and over again, confusing and burdensome, raining

INTERJECTION: “Hahahaha ow.” -JAF


  1. it’s going well, says Drew
  2. today Morj asked if they can do the HM speech outside
    1. onstage Preshow so it would be nice, but he doesn’t want to screw us on the money in any way
    2. we can discuss this later
  3. Show Schedule and Tickets. The Ongoing Saga.
    1. 6 shows instead of 5
      1. Sat. and Sun. matinee? Sort of interferes with family
      2. opening Thurs. preview style, with matinee on Sunday
      3. we’re good with 6 shows
    2. we are gonna need volunteer House Managers
      1. great, people seems cool with that
    3. discussion of out of town reserves
      1. duh parents for sure
      2. we should set a limit on how many tickets cast/crew can reserve
      3. up to 25% of the house is cast/crew reserves, and on one night we go up to 50%
      4. cast and crew should have a preference sheet for reserves and Drew can calculate percentages
    4. people need to reserve using their real names
    5. Brown students need to bring IDs to retrieve their tickets
    6. you have to be a Brown student to reserve on the Blue Room
      1. you can reserve 2 tickets, the other one can be a guest
    7. we are going to cap the Brown ticket line at 7:00 and make everybody else join the general public line
    8. PW Alumni can get em if they want em. Woot.


  1. Everybody has or will soon meet with their buddies
  3. Oona has Michael Lubin
    1. Leandro will shadow

INTERJECTION: “Where’s your Iphone, Drew?” -MP “My BLACKBERRY is in my pocket.” -Smackdown DM


  1. decision meeting was at IHOP, it was darling
  2. MF wants a Cabaret night thinger
    1. have a director, some songs are choreographed, Friday night.


  1. paperwork has been submitted, woot!
  2. we will get the liquor license
  3. Deeps and Leandro have to get party trained!
  4. currently, Drew is not getting a party manager break
    1. he is fine with that sadtimes because he is strong and brave


  1. Phil has given us the go-ahead
  2. We can either have a Class F event, we charge, etc.
  3. Otherwise we have a guest list
    1. Open bar and we cover the charge
  4. We can divide and conquer
    1. we can build a GIANT FREAKING karma box
      1. with lights
    2. we will charge for the latter part of the general public party
  5. The invite needs to ask if it’s ok for the Alumni office to release their email to us
    1. Jess will add this language to the paperless invite
    2. they need to realize that the email response is to us and not the alumni
    3. Jess and Megan will update their respective letters
  6. James will talk to John Emigh!


  1. Noel had his crazy times
    1. people came it was rad
  2. Serge will get the key from Noel
  3. Why does Ryan Lester have a key?
    1. Serge will investigate
  4. Ionna is Friday 8,11 and Sat. at 11
    1. friday at 8: deepali
    2. friday at 11: jess
    3. saturday at 11: megan


  1. none


  1. Lobby!
    1. there are pictures in the BO filing cabinets!
    2. the frames are probably from Michaels
    3. Goal: by the beginning of Three Sisters, we will have spruced!
      1. Max, Lily and Jess will be on this shit during 3 Sissies downtime
    4. Oons will bring slides/files of pictures to get digitized
      1. she will then pick a couple to make 8x10s
      2. we will offer recent photos to Megan and Oona for retouching and awesomeness
    5. This is a visions thing, we will discuss further improvements later

INTERJECTION: “Permanize! That’s what my mom did to her hair in the 80’s.” -JAF is on a roll

  1. BOP wants to borrow chairs
  2. if something has been painted already, they can paint it
  3. we don’t know what Three Sisters wants, so they should put what they want in a corner of the downspace and email Sam Allen to come and look at it
  4. Deeps will do this, yay
  1. deadline date of proposals (New Mems and Spring@PW) on the website
  1. someone needs to claim Abby Colella
  2. Leandro’s got her
  3. talk it up! talk it up!
  4. shmooze is next week, one day is bad for Drew
  5. Shmooze is Tuesday March 2 at 11
  1. we cannot fuck up the space after shmooze
  2. we are setting a time limit for shmooze
    1. 11 to 12
  3. Serge will email Alex Kruckman to make sure that’s ok
  1. where are these so called slides
  1. Bonas?
  2. Max will talk to Sophie about contact info
  1. when the fuck can we have it
  2. apparently not on any Saturday before New Mems
  3. and so great, New Mems will be there for Visions
  4. let’s do it Prom Saturday! Donezo. Mid morning ish.


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