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Here: Everyone Else
Missing: Jess
Visiting: Olivia, Sophie

ROSES: Being persuaded to go out, getting into fights with other girls over fur, majoring in “Fuck You,” sisters and overeating, Donuts. Cancelled flights, significant others still here. GATS. Job interview. Yesterday. Everything is generallyokay. I feel fine. Houseandjob. EBayBuys. PiratePaganFeast. Being Single. Bed.

THORNS: Lots of work to do. Disappoint apples. Tech = no superbowl. All the decisions. Big decisions. Paralyzed. Hungover from Max’s face. Yesterday. Library Dues. Already behind. 2 froshies laptop stolen. Hate to the RezLife. Summershit. Pinky.

“It’s the biggest day. It’s the biggest day for America of the year.”


  1. Workshop Dave Gunkey
    • Shakespeare man. Designated Linklater.
    • 3 hour workshop.
      • Intro. Monologue work. Vigorous voice body work.
  2. Co-Sponsors?
    • S&B gave the cave.
    • Publicity? Financial support?
    • 24 People.
      • Need to tell. And have familiarity with Shakespeare monologue.
  3. February 13 th. 12-3 pm.


  1. Wet Tech
  2. Setting up the Blue Room
    • SERGE is doing it
    • JILLIAN will add reserves
    • 80 seats. Ariel will do design.
  4. Pre-Recorded HM speech
    • Fire
    • Other Theater (Lulu? Writing is Live, that it?)
    • Phone
    • Exits
    • Karma Box for Haiti
  5. House Managers
    • Fri Oona Lily
    • Sat 7 Leandro Megan
    • Sat 11 James Drew
    • Sun 8 Serge Deeps
    • Mon 8 Max Daria

“Be there or bring in donuts next meeting.” So either seat plats or make outs.


  1. Maybe every Sunday we donate instead?
    • Find a general cause and give?
    • Or is it just the big natural disasters?
    • Will ponder.
  2. Also, different Brown causes??? (Then they will come see the shows!)
    • Keeping connected to Brown Community?
    • Percentage?
    • Give to groups w/o political affiliations.
  3. Visions.


  1. Auditions were before.
    • Callbacks tomorrow.
    • Lotsa people.
  2. Morgan wished he had a dramaturg.
    • Call for dramaturgs!
    • (ADD to email) Ellen Shadburn? Deepali?
  3. Brief Production Meeting.
    • Readthrough: Thursday Site TBD.
  4. Bozo Meeting: Publicity Person


  1. Did the lottery. We gots a line up.
  2. Iona wants to switch times/spaces. 2 weeks?
  3. Daria: Few days pre spring break?
  4. Dates on website still inaccurate/little wonky
    • One week was spring break
    • Added a week?
  5. 10 people applied
  6. Visions-ish question: Do certain things need/use the entire week?
    • Deformalize? Not just weeks- more things get access to the space?
    • Big administration for this system.
    • Big meeting to figure out interest?
    • If split: can put name in twice?
  7. Little paragraph helpful.
  8. Back door room: lotta fire hazard.


  1. Tues March 16th
    • 4:30 Performance Workshop
    • 8:30 Life of the Artist Workshop
  2. Poster sent
  3. Contract: She will sign/ it’s on the wiki
  4. Sound?
    • WITS? Most likely will be sound from WITS to here.
  5. “Monitors”
    • 4:30: Deeps, Leandro
    • 8:30: Max, Oona, Daria

SAO / Space Maintenance

  1. Door to space Fixed?
    • Think so.
    • Years ago PW board laid the floor a little to close to the door. Ah well.
  2. Leandro will do dumpster


  1. Proposal Buddies
    • Daria: Megan
    • Jacob: Lily


  1. Theatrebridge. Megan wants to do it
    • Jess: Do you want to do theaterbridge? Ponder?
    • We’re trying to figure it out. (No other seniors want, so down to Jess, Max, Megan)
  2. How they treat the building – our responsibility
  3. Talking to New Shows: Intro to the Space
    • If we want it clean, need a system in place to keep it clean.
    • Revamping Strike?
    • Stuff we leave undone.
    • Holding the show responsible
    • If you take it out, put it back where you got it
  4. Shop: Nothing Cuts Straight
    • Hammers
    • Talking to shows about how to treat the space. BOZO job?
    • Bozo goes to 1st read through. At the end- clean up after yourselves. (Things go missing.)
Shakespeare Kids
  1. If Co-Sponsor: Put in Email?
    • Leandro will email.
  1. Metal bench for outside?
    • Sure.
  1. SB needs the April 17th
    • May 1st: Fall Decision Meeting
    • Spring Decision: 6th-7th. Mande is owning our souls.
  2. Visions: Tabled until next week : Tentatively the 23rd Tuesday
  3. Visions Stuff:
    • Upspace times/can it just be days or things. Sharing the week can submit twice.
    • Donations- philanthropic.
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