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HERE: James, Serge, Megan, Deepali, Abby, Max, Sam, Adam, Zack, Leandro

ROSES: lovely wonderful summer, Ghost Hunter on a plane, moving into a house as a grown-up, great summer making bread in new house, meeting a lot of new people, fried red potatoes (not russet) and Montreal steak and asparagus, Vartan Gregorian and his quads, Minden 702, new suite in Grad Center is the best (actually two suites), semester abroad, back to Brown/PW, new board shorts, most beautiful donut-worthy night of your life, still having a crush on your girlfriend

THORNS: crying babies on a plane, life unsureness is indefinitely long, not ready for school, uneventful summer at Newark, feeling the heat of 1st slot, bed bugs, not in Lowry’s show anymore, hot weather, meaningless possessions are moldy and wet


  1. really long design run
  2. still need other 24 key
    • Deepali will look for it
    • larger key discussion…
    • in the future, key deposit language added to show packet with deposit from show budget


  1. need designers (lights, set, robots, sound)
    • Ariel? Deepali’s friend? Natalie?


  1. downspace double doors are rattley
    • Megan will look at it
  2. water fountain maybe still broken
    • Leandro will call
  3. Abby will clean up the box office (with our help!)


  1. it happened, Megan will put together a job description for future TBers


  1. committee to read applications
    • whoever is free and didn’t submit
    • play submissions due on 9/17
  2. production/administration
    • maybe Abby, maybe Zack, maybe Megan


  1. first half of semester is filled
  2. submissions for second half due 9/8
  3. light board still broken
    • Megan will look into pricing


  1. Max will look into it


  1. due 10/20, decision meeting 10/23
    • email Max for buddies
  2. maybes include Sean Patrick, Sam, Becca, Michael Goodman


  1. on Wednesday at 9 in Leeds
    • everyone must be there
    • meet at PW at 7 to plan, bring your ideas
  2. Adam will print PW flyer for this and Activities Fair


  1. on Thursday from 7 to 10 in the OMAC, set-up at 6
  2. shifts
    • 6-8: Megan, Leandro, James, Max, Adam
    • 8-10: Deepali, Sam, Abby, James, Serge
  3. Max/Sam/Megan will plan and gather supplies


  1. Megan
    • James’ e-mail? working it out
    • summer guests are worth thinking about
    • open house? no, new mems schmooze soon enough
  2. Abby
    • MF BBQ on 9/6 (Labor Day)
  3. Max
    • new mems in early November? James and Deepali will chat
  4. Zack
    • tableslips? no longer
    • posters? season? we have a lot of posters coming up… template? probs not… logo contest? Sam and Serge will do this
  5. Leandro
    • servers? we haven’t switched… Serge will back it up
  6. Deepali
    • code for MF room? it’s MF’s deal


NEXT MEETING: Sunday at 11

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