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HERE: Serge, Max, Daria, Megan, Deeps, Adam, Jess, James, Abby, Lily, Leandro, Zach, Oona
VISITING: Lin (Megan), Helen (ITW), Rose Curley (documentary)

ROSES: seeing diplo and scareboy at my house, spring weekend, lots of work, spring weekend, yesterday was awesome, ditto, ditto concurred, feel really good, rain, best week of your life, suitemates made crepes, done with work-ish, waited to rain until now, snoop dogg, past couple days
THORNS: the week ahead, rain, speeding ticket, paper, tired and worn out, half asleep robot rhyme that is now forgotten, rain, lack of memory, fucked up Arnold Weinstein dream, boring day, ID quiz on Tuesday, passing out, real life starts again, hang lights for dance show, pants smell bad


  1. showtimes:
    • Friday at 8: Abby, Meg
    • Saturday 5: Serge
    • Saturday 10: James
    • Sunday 8: Zach
    • Monday 8: Leandro
  2. tickets: we can reserve one
    • Sunday: Lily, Max, Daria, Oona, Deepali, Jess
  3. seating plats are done yay MF!
    • chairs on Thursday
  4. fireproofing all done!


  1. production meeting tonight, james will be there
  2. housing needs to get going
    • leandro will ask ellen again to send him a list
    • board members email leandro with brown id number NOT banner, where you currently live and who you want to live with during commencement
  3. props designer? James will ask


  1. Drew called the SAO and the Fire Marshall, they said fireproofing the material would be fine
    • there are 6 diff. types of Flame-X for different kinds of material
    • make sure we have the right kind of Flame-X
    1. Drew bought some sprayers for the Flame-X
      • they’re even different by type! So fancy!
      • it’s up to us in terms of Flame-X diligence
        • we’re technically supposed to Flame-X everything onstage


  1. lottery
    • maybe wait for Fall Decision? Good deal
  2. fuckcity will get struck


  1. Buddy updates
    • Nicole Damari/Lily: The Yellow Boat, she’s planning on proposing, they’re gonna meet
    • Ariel Hudes/Drew: El Publico, met, its all going
    • Becca Title/Leandro: Peter Pan, it’s all cool
    • Doug Eacho/Serge: they need to meet
    • James A. Flynn/Max: Heddatron, it’s hot
    • Jared Bellot/Daria: he’s a little cray, they’ll email when they wanna meet
    • Kerry Hall/Megan: Lie Cheat and Genuflect
    • Sam Alper/Oona: proposing The Sound, all good
    • Jacob Combs/Deeps: he’s on the ball
    • Michael Goodman/Jess: he’s figuring it out, it’s all good
    • 9 am in JWW and James will reserve
    • Drew will be here


  1. it’s still here
  2. we need to get rid of some branches


  1. Party meeting Wednesday at 6 in the English Ale House
  1. forwarded email about people here over the summer
    • Taiko is asking for permission through the University
    • it really has nothing to do with us
  2. will take the ladder down
  3. final project might be trying to fix up PW a bit
    • possible project funding from the SAO
    • if the proposal is legit then that could happen!
    • give ideas of stuff to do to Megan!!
    • make the shop more user-friendly
  1. reimbursing for inish
  1. we bought a speaker
    • somewhere in the hood of 600 dollars
  2. black pipe clamp? We are missing two
    • we haven’t seen them but we will let know
Rose Curley
  1. are we all cool with the documentary?
    • we just are weirded out by having our words and actions preserved
      • words are ephemera when not recorded, says Lily Garrison
    • we can have a final viewing of the documentary with veto power


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