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Meeting Minutes 4/11

Here: Drew, Megan, Leandro, Adam, Gabe (Madoff), Zach, Deepali, James, Lily, Daria, Oona, Abby
Missing: Max, Jess (both meditating)
Late: Serge

Roses: Thesis & jack gill's word prowess, dry tech and starch, cleaned shit out of room, crossword, sheer amount of work, no obligations that i remember, awesome week retrospectively, time outside, MILAN, Rose Curley, childish games, gay party
Thorns: everything else, feeling a good week, sunburn, bug, tiger in masters, headache, undone work, no more coffee, 0% done, dry eyes, dry eyes (copycat), highly scheduled day, KELLY CLARKSON.


  1. has a budget
  2. Staff: need a props person, Serge wants an ALD
  3. James is trying to make the commencement schedule thing happen, he'll send it in and let us know tomorrow
  4. schedule:
    • Wed 26, 8 PM
    • Th 27, 2 PM and 8 PM
    • F 28, 4 PM
    • S 29, 8 PM
  5. need list for extended housing


  1. Poster will be done by Monday
  2. Yesterday was long, but things are looking up. Daria is happy.
  3. Plats tomorrow at 11:30
  4. house managers
    • friday- Deeps, Oona
    • saturday 8 - Megan, Leandro
    • saturday 10- Zach
    • sunday - Serge, Lily
    • monday- Drew
  5. Daria: can house managers dress up
    • Drew: I won't
  6. james is doing tickets something


  1. APRIL 28th- Proposals due for next semester
    • get on the senior slot proposers as soon as we hear about that
    • put it on website
  2. (J is a gay letter)


  1. We have a new soundboard (Yay!!!)
  2. Henry is out.
  3. Someone is getting into our space. This is weird. Is it DPS? Everybody needs to lock it.
    • The window is just like a door to the space
  4. Max is doing his show soon.
  5. Brian Chin & co. - 90s cover band!!! Either 17th, 18th, or 19th, of May. No official publicity.
    • Can they charge people? No.
  6. The Famished reading!


  1. disconnected hand rail
  2. doorstop issue in unknown location


  1. Post Doc at JNBC did awesome presentation on branding + poster design for S&B.
    • We should go through this as a group. Valuable. We will talk about it on May 2nd.
      • (Lily hates powerpoints. they are tasteless.)
  2. Next Week: meeting about 50th
  1. play going up in John Street
  1. ADOCH is this week. Friday from 5-7.
    • Megan will email us about it. Are we doing anything else?
  2. Rose is making a documentary about pw
  1. meeting with BTV this week. He'll let us know.
    • Copyright issues.
  1. Wish List?
    • Why not. Do it. Someone do it.
      • Leandro will make a wiki page
  1. Broader advertising?
    • Lets talk to henry.
  2. James will add to that PM thing he was talking about.

(Tangent! : on the website there is this thing work on a show –> Production manager –> publicity thing. Everyone should go on and check that out.)

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