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MINUTES 4/5/10

Here: Everyone but Lily, plus new mems!
Missing: Lily

Roses: Spring break, florida, job, pants, mandolin, being back, musical
Thorns: unpacking, skateboarding injury, 4 hours looking at courses


  1. its going great and fast
  2. funtimes yay
  3. showtimes are 8 every night, 10pm on saturday
    • house managers next week


  1. gabe isn’t here because james didn’t let him know
  2. leandro will be on commencement housing
    • daria will mentor
    • james will tell gabe to get in contact with leandro
  3. alumni relations won’t let us in the commencement literature
    • we will talk further with them


  1. sound board is missing
    • max will ask jon about the board
    • we bet drew knows what happened to the board. we hope drew knows.
    • henry noticed the board was missing
  2. do we have black spray paint?
    • check the paint room, and then we’ll figure it out
  3. cigarettes
    • do we allow fire the upspace at all?
    • are we worried about the smell? about the fire? about getting in trouble?
    • oona will deal.
  4. they want plats and chairs
    • they gotta move it all themselves, but we’re fine
    • serge will let them in, we are cool with them going by themselves


  1. let leandro know if anything comes up
  2. the water fountain downstairs is totally fucked
  3. let's do a work order about that shit


  1. invitation went out
    • 3 yeses, 8 nos, 3 maybes
  2. separate meeting for planning, etc.
    • extend the meeting sunday 18th for planning


  1. next week’s meeting: sunday at 10 am
  1. Samurai Play needs space
    • will meet with the dept and keep us posted
  2. we need to look over the contract for TheaterBridge again
    • Daria will send the new version to all of us
  1. Cambridge Theater People- ??
  2. Drew?? whats the dealll
  1. waiting to hear from the Germans about plans in July
    • can we keep Mike waiting for a little? We love him, he’s amazing, yay.
  1. do new mems have keys? Drew will get them
  2. website and everything, updating the wiki, etc.


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